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Polish's, Wax's, Whats your choice ?
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Wow! I'm a bit fazed by all the different methods and views of everyone. I have a cosmos blue Kadjar which I've had for 3 whole weeks from new and I'm about to wash and wax it for the first time as I'm taking it down to Portugal for a few weeks.

In the past I've used Armorall Shield wax as it's so easy to apply and, from previous experience, it tends to last 6 months, providing it has a regular wash every 2 or 3 weeks. Like everyone else, I apply it with microfibre cloth. I'm beginning to wonder about using a chamois on it though...............

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I always polish mine when I first get a new car with autogylm super resin polish then autoglym sealant polish.then wash with there shampoo all by hand never used a car wash yet

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best i have found is Auto glym wet wax 


wash the car, rinse off spray wax wipe with a microfiber cloth, do every panel as if your drying off, glass plastic don't mater then when you have finished buff of with a clean cloth, sun overcast it matters not a jot even in the winter

Whole car done waxed in less than 45 mins lasts a good six months 


i find resin wax a little abrasive its good on older paintwork but modern paints and finishes needs new waxes. never take t cut to a new car clear coat it will strip and allow moisture through 

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On 23/09/2015 at 0:55 PM, jactac said:

So are you a 2 bucket person, a pressure washer maniac are a complete or a detailing fanatic like me.


I can honestly say that I look after my cars bodywork better than my own body .

I wash the car weekly, polish it monthly, wax quarterly and  remove the wheels to deep clean quarterly.


I never ever take the car to a car wash, or use a pressure washer on it.


When washing I do the 2 bucket system, one with shampoo (Autoglym), the other with clean rinsing water to clean the lamb wools washing mitt ( no sponges used as they cause swirls in the paintwork) .

Always drying off with a good quality microfibre cloth, not a leather chammy, as they cause streaking.


The polish I use is either MER or Autoglym, the wax I use is DoDo Primelight, great for white cars as it many wax's can "yellow" a white car after prolonged use.

Never ever use washing up liquid as it contains salt.


So anyway I'm sure we all have different techniques on looking after our beloved cars, and sharing a few tips might help us all.




I have found the Demon range to be good. I use Demon clean for the interior,does a decent job of it & leaves a nice,subtle citrus fragrance,Demon snow foam shampoo,Demon wheel &  tyres cleaner,Demon shine and demon shot either added to the washer bottle or diluted and used as the only screen cleaner.

Saying that I do use Meguiars ultimate paste wax every 3 months,along with Rainx on the windscreen side windows & headlights.

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