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Would I buy another ?????
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*Havent read all the posts as No time for arguing *

Would I get another? No!

Yes it looks great, but 6months on the initial 'I love my car' has worn off and wishing I had gone for the Kuga instead.

I had 5 1/2 months wait for the car, I was told 12weeks and it kept changing all the time. I ended up loosing out on selling my car and had to go with a measly £1000 part exchange.

Renault itself lacks in customer service & do not give a fly fook that my car is subject to multiple recalls and apparently it's no big deal

As a mother it is a big deal! My children are in the car when I use it and I'm disabled so want something safe & reliable.

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Still love the car as does my wife . The little bugs and glaring omissions on trim don't really bother me .  True that the Kadjar MK II ( if there is such a thing coming  ) seemingly will attend to these minor issues . If the rumours I hear regarding these improvements  are true I,and many more, will be totally pissed off . I will not print these rumours because they are just that ...rumours . Let's just say it would involve a total lack of customer loyalty .

It's Renault's total lack of support and knowledge are my reasons for not wanting to deal with them any more . The final nail in the coffin came this week . I took the car in for it's first service a month back , took my service plan details with me ,car was serviced in about 90 minutes and off I went . A week later the manager phoned to say I didn't have a service plan . I explained that I had , phoned Renault warranty telling them where I had the car serviced and that the dealer couldn't find my details . Warranty told me I was covered and advised me to inform the dealer, which I did . This week the dealer phoned me again to say that my car was not covered with them and Warranty hadn't paid them . I asked " You are a Renault Dealership ? "  He replied " Yes but the Service plan doesn't cover all dealerships "  .  " So I owe you £89 then ? " " Yes but I've covered it for you , but be aware you can't bring back here for service "

Well done that man for not charging me . Renault go  f**k yourselves 

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