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      WE Have Moved To www.renaultkadjarforum.com   06/11/2018

      i invite all members to take a look at this our new home    https://renaultkadjarforum.com/   we are moving to a better side of the street    See you all There.   if your having trouble registering look for the activation email in your spam folder   Shedder101

This is whats happening
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 this is what's happening 

i have decided the problem here is choice some of the members can't decide a simple concept of voting, looking at the view rate to votes, well it doesn't take a genius to see that.

so i am deleting my posts the vote, the domain choice everything.

the two members have registered their domains and are building the sites they wish to offer.

members will be able to choose the site they want from what's on offer.  when they are completed

this will be up for 1 week 

after that, i will stop modorating this site, I will be moving to the new site and invite everyone to come with me.

i invite all members to copy the topics they feel are the most important and paste them to the new site. crap posts will be deleted 

i have copies of all the pdf and links to video files and will be posting those to the site, so its the members images that need to be moved.

i will put links to the new site around the old one so people will know where we have gone 

i will send MM my resignation and that will be my job done here. I have been offered an Admin post on the new site, this i am considering at the moment. 

this site might keep ticking along until the fees are due or it will crash. without moderation this could be sooner rather than later.

I have done my best to keep this site going and its the best option i can offer. i would like to thank you for the support you have given me over the time I have been Moderator.



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one week in and the vote was pitiful, its as if no one was bothered, well thats ok it was still democratic. 

I have now resigned as your moderator and taken the position of admin on the new site effective immediately . 

i am moving to https://renaultkadjarforum.com/ and i recommend you do the same. the core membership on this site are the best i have known on any forum, they are helpful and tolerant and i would welcome you to the new site to continue to give your advice, whether you own a Kadjar or not. 

I want to thank you for your understanding over the least few months i might not have answered as quickly as i would have liked but i have done my best, working with one hand behind my back.

so they say one door closes and another opens, well lets all open the door on the new site and i await to welcome you there.


Shedder 101


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19 minutes ago, ALAN 1 said:

Tried to join the new forum   Renaultkadjarforum.com  . after 3 days still waiting for a e.mail to activate my account

check your spam folder if not there re request it 

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