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R-link Upgrade

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Hi There is a R-LINK 2 upgrade available for some models benefits up to date maps from r link store and Fully enjoy real-time traffic information

Has anyone done the download as I have tried and cannot get it on to rlink it does not recognise it when stick inserted nothing happens

Have to say this upgrade is not easy to find on renault site  and also I cannot access r-link store will not take email   Password when I try to reset password that just comes up error also. The upgrade is at 


Any help much appreciated thanks

JC 😎😎🥃🥃



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Hi, what version of R-Link Firmware do you have?  If its 2.2.17 or 2.2.18 then the update should work.  But you need your VIN number

go here https://www.gps-rlink.com/r-link-2/r-link-2-install-an-update-yourself/

and follow Method 2 step by step

Make sure the USB is completely blank and after unzip copy the R-Link folder over to the USB which contains the update files.  Do not just copy over the files as it wont work.  Think some people reported it worked better to insert the USB once the R-Link had started up.

Also, if your R-Link subscription has lapsed then the live traffic information wont work as you need a live subscription for this (can be bought on the R-Link store)

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Hi there, JC! I've just updated my system software using the link on your thread. I already had and this updates to What I did was reformat my USB so it was clean, did another imprint which I checked on the Toolbox. and copied the downloaded RLink folder onto my USB. I am using a mac and when copying it asked whether I wanted to overwrite or merge as there was another folder called RLink on the USB. I checked merge and then inserted into the car. The message "update files detected" appears at the top of the screen for about 2 seconds and then the usual no audio files found. Ignore all that and just sit and wait. It could take a short while (1-2 minutes) before it asks if you want to update. Check yes and leave it to it. No problems. I must say I haven't a clue what has or is supposed to have been updated/bettered. The maps haven't been touched. It doesn't become any less of a faff no matter how many times I do it, back and forth to the car. You shouldn't need to use Toolbox at all as the link you sent gives you a box to enter your VIN number and email address and when you are eligible it sends you a link via email. Clicking on this automatically downloads the upgrade. On my Toolbox it didn't show up any outstanding upgrades so the only way I learn about them is on this forum. Hope this helps.

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