Job Vacancy Moderator required.

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Moderator required


As some know Kug the old mod has flown to the griffin and become Astra Man. This leaves a vacancy for a new moderator.

We are looking for the following

Someone who will work for free

Someone who can offer a fair judgment on reported posts

Someone who doesn’t mind there inbox filling up if spam is reported

Blocking new spammers

Warning members

Adjudication on approval post

Have I said work for free?

  Don’t worry about not knowing the software, its pretty simple you will get new access to posts and member’s information, so discretion is required and I will be on hand to put right anything that goes wrong


If you are interested drop me a personal message with a note of why you could make a good moderator



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It's a thankless task but I'm sure someone will be more than happy to stand up, and to be fair there are far less problems on here than any forum I've used before, nice bunch of people Kadjar owners

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