Replacment old RLink2 with new RLINK2
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Hello all,

 I open this post to ask your help and to understand the difference between the old  HW of our RLINK2 and the new HW:
 RLINK2 SW Version 2.XXXX
 RLINK2 SW Version 3.XXXX

 The production date of my Kadjar Bose No DAB is in August 2016 and RLINK2 car stereo is fitted with the model
 RLINK2 76A SW 2.XXX code RENAULT 281155536R

 Also for the Bose model the Radio with the DAB same production period is:
 RLINK2 77A SW 2.XXX code RENAULT 281151797R

Regarding the GPS module I know that is different, the new Rlink2 version mounted the following code: 282754595R  RTCU3 they have changed the old module telematic 282757006R TCU GEN2 located behind the glove compartment.

 These numbers can be found by extracting the display of the machine on an adhesive label printed  .

Last week I had tried to enabling carplay through DDT4ALL with no one results.
 Now I would like to do a "madness" but I need your help:

 I would like to replace my Radio Rlink2 (part HW behind the display) with the same model (mounted on Bose version) with version 3.XXX but up to now I can not finded the exact Renault code, I ask you if you can who has the Kadjar Bose version to  disassembly the display and to verify what code has been wrote, in this way I will buy the hw and I will try to replace it.

 Many thanks


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The DDT4ALL it is a free software, it is possible to found in internet or in the Facebook Megane Club group.

With this software it is possible to come in to ECU registers with dedicated GUI and it is possible to change all parameter.

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Many Thanks Darenh, Do you know which Kadjar version appertain?


It is simply, some Kadjar Owner disassemble the dashboard in order to reduce the noise caused by the plastic.





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Version not know, as it’s a 2017 it could be either.

No problem to me taking it apart, but most wouldn’t as it may invalidate their warranty.  I’ve had most of mine in bits already.

Changing the head unit was something I thought of last year, but never did anything since.  It’s the only way I can see if getting the features of the later model.  That is if it’ll code up correctly to the car.  My experience with Oe headunits is there all vehicle specific unless you have manufactures diagnostics equipment.  Used to do it often at work!

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