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“Check auto gear box” fault
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Got a warning light today saying “check auto gear box” on my kadjar dynamique s nav.

pulled over and switched the car off and on again the warning disappeared.

anyone else had this issue?



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3 hours ago, ulfire said:

Not had that fault but it can happen if the clutch overheats . If the warning keeps popping up have the dealer check it 

Thanks for the reply. It has happened on more than 1 occasion...it’s been booked in with Renault for Friday. 

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1 hour ago, turboted10 said:

Not got an auto but over 18 months my car has thrown up about 6 or7 warnings for various things all of which have never returned after restarting the car. Never had to go in with it and just put it down to a computer glitch that rebooting cures. I'd wait and see if it returns

Thanks for the reply. It has happened 2-3 times now...and have booked with Renault for Friday...did read somewhere on the net it could be due to filling up fuel from supermarket pumps...apparently it’s not as refined as proper petrol pumps retailers like esso,texaco,etccc.

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Wise move :)

This is from my car's manual .Not a Kadjar bit it has the same or similar DCT system

If the clutch becomes overheated
by excessive use of the
clutch to hold on a hill, you may
notice a shudder feeling and a
blinking display on the instrument
cluster. When this occurs,
the clutch is disabled until the
clutch cools to normal temperatures.
If this occurs, pull over to
a safe location, shift into P
(Park) and apply the foot brake
for a few minutes.
• If the LCD warning is active, the
foot brake must be applied.
• Ignoring the warnings can lead
to damage to the transmission.
• If the display continues to blink,
for your safety, we recommend
that you contact an authorized
HYUNDAI dealer and have the
system checked.

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Hi guys

Unfortunately Renault have messed up!

I did make them aware that I have 2 kids and most of the boot space is taken up by the double buggy and it must be an auto...and the lady said it wouldn’t be problem as they have 2-3 days to arrange that.

so I phoned them up to check which car they have for me and it was a twingo 3dr in MANUAL!!! Yes I repeat a MANUAL!! I mean where has there common sense gone!!

Really amateur aftersales! Have to wait for them to try and arrange/authorise something through a company called enterprise. God knows how long that will take now.


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