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Spare wheel queries
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We have just bought a 2017 Renault Kadjar and are trying to find the options for a spare wheel. 

How long will a spacesaver tyre last, some sites say only 70 miles?

If we buy a full size wheel & tyre can it be made to fit in the well?

We have 17" alloys but the tyre selling websites say we can fit a 16" wheel. Does it matter if it is not a matching 17" wheel ?

Any advice would be much appreciated as we are struggling with conflicting views.

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Hi Yes do a search on this site for spare wheel asi think you may find info that helps re wheel / tyre size but basically it's down to rolling radius which is how far you travel for one revolution of wheel  easy way is same diameter wheel and tyre size as fitted on all four corners now but remember stud holes and centre hole and offset must also be correct sounds complicated but not really as I say search this site good luck🤔


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Hi I have just got a 2017 Kadjar  Signature S Nav, this can only have a 17" space saver due to the Bose sound system in the boot. The Nissan part numbers for this are

135/90 R17 104M Tyre (Continental) - £77.16 + Vat (£92.59 inc. Vat)

Wheel – 40300EY40A - £77.98 + Vat (£93.58 inc. Vat)

Jack – 99550EY20A - £37.86 + Vat (£45.43 inc. Vat)

below Signature Spec level, you can fit a full size 16" spare wheel. The full spare wheel kit cost £200 from a Renault Retail Dealership. You can try a car breaker to find one but they are not easy to find. The Nissan Qashqai 16" spare wheel is meant to be the same which most car breaker will have.   

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