When I was working and had to travel in snow, when "us up north" got real snow,, i used have a winter set of mud and snow rally tyres, they worked. I don't think winter tyres had become a reality back then. They also gave me the company Land Rover if I was the Duty guy. These days I simply avoid the stuff as most plans can be delayed if the weather sets in. Sorry about the car, that's actually my worst fear, not my driving but the performance of some folks I see in bad weather. Thing is in the UK 1898, generally we see such little snow, often only 1 hit per year in many areas, that we simply aren't prepared or dare I say don't need to be. Brings the country to a standstill but gone the next day sort of thing. I watch the rescue documentaries on sky based in Scandinavia, I wouldn't have any 2 wheel drive car out there even with spiked tyres.