Getting a kadjar (hopefully)
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Hi we are looking at ordering a kadjar next week (hopefully) 

Have seen loads around and seem to have read everything about em 

We will be looking at getting the 1.2 petrol turbo dynamique S nav 

There are 4 of us in the family 1 in baby seat one in booster seat and on occasion we have another adult with us 

Looking forward to seeing one in the metal hoping it will be big enough for us all 

Any common problems I should be thinking about?  


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The S Nav is, in not only my opinion, the sweet spot of the range. The 1.2 Turbo is a great little engine, not brilliant re mpg, depending on your driving habits and commute I should add, but you can live with it. Great to drive and this spec includes the 19" Apollo wheels. It has more than enough driver aids, which all work well on mine. I would recommend without hesitation. If you are buying new make sure it has Apple Play and Android Auto this was introduced on cars built on or just before 1st June 2017. Dealers have a habit of trying to get rid of old stock. Best of luck!

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Mine was a nightmare, had excessive moisture in both headlamps, multiple body panels out of alignment, the OSF headlamp was protruding, yet the NSF headlamp was flush, & to top it all ......the Renault main dealership where I got it from refused point blank to even look at the car! :angry:.

The dealer just kept referring to the handbook & going on about a "headlamp phenomenon" & "tolerances" in the headlamps

The dealership told me to..

'Take it up with Renault we don't make the cars'

The dealership just basically pointed to the small print in the handbook & showed me the door......Disgusting!:angry:

I got an independent engineer from DEKRA to come to my home to examine the car who found that the Kadjar was unsatisfactory & to cut a long story short it was refused/rejected & now I no longer have the car (i only had it for 21 days).

Hope it all goes well for you, but beware a headlamp "phenomenon" poor headlamps/body panels out of alignment & maybe a dealer that doesn't give a toss..

Perhaps mine was one of those rare "Friday" cars that was built at a quarter to alehouse.

I had the petrol 1.2 turbo (like Patwar above) & I agree totally the fuel economy was poor, I don't have a heavy right foot either & don't stick my clog down hard, so I've gone back to diesel, (I certainly find that what I've got now is not as thirsty).

Best of luck, hope it all goes well

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