How can I keep the radio on when parked
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1 minute ago, Linda Butlin said:

Does anyone know if there is a way, other than restarting or keeping the engine running, of keeping the radio (and internal lights) on when parked for a length of time.

Hi and welcome 


the radio can be switched back on using its power button when the ignition is off, however it will only be on for around 20 mins.

i think you can do this twice but don't hold me to it. The Kadjar like all new cars use a cambus system, gone are the days when the interior light came on from a switch in the pillar o no, its to make sure the battery cant flatten, it helps dealers they can have the doors wide open with no lights running down the battery.


modern tec strikes again, try watching a video movie waiting for the wife and the bloody thing keeps switching off, very annoying 

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