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Walaway Locking
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Hi,  we have just bought the Kadjar 1.6 dci Dynamique Nav (2016), I was wondering why my parking sensors didn't work  so after reading a couple of threads on here I'm guessing these havnt been fitted on our car, can Renault fit these as extra ??? our salesman also said we have walkaway locking, I'm not sure if I have turned this off from fiddling about with the remote but unless I press the button on the door handle it remains open, Its a shame when buying a used Kadjar My Renault should bring the spec of your car up, I'm forever running out with the pad to try things whilst reading the 300 page manual that Ive had to download  it is rather frustrating... any useful tips to get my auto locking back on (that's if we have it) haha But I have to say I'm thoroughly enjoying my new Kadjar its a lovely drive :) 

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I could be wrong, but I think walkaway locking was introduced in cars manufactured from November 2016, so if your car was made earlier than that, it won't have it.  Sounds like you might have grounds for a complaint against your dealer if you bought the car on the basis it had a feature that it hasn't.


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On 9/25/2017 at 6:25 PM, barracuda1 said:

Hi , 1.6 dci Dynamique Nav (2016) does not have rear parking sensors as standard, as for walkaway locking, as chookgate said it was only fitted to November 2016 onwards cars. You cannot disable it by pressing anything on the keypad, sometimes you have to enable it  in RLink2, as it may have been disabled by the previous owner.


In RLInk  .....................From the “Vehicle” menu, select “User
This menu lets you activate/deactivate
the following options:
– “Unlock driver’s door only”: unlocks
the driver’s door when opening;
– « Auto door lock while driving » ;
– “Use handsfree card : open/close”:
locks or unlocks the doors using the
voice control;
– “Indicator sound volume”: press + or
– to adjust;
– « Internal welcome sound » ;
– «External welcome»;
– « Automatic cabin light » ;


Both the Car \\Handbook and RLink2 Handbook can be found here




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