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Washed yesterday, so of course it rained this morning
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Typical of the British weather, gave the Kadjar a really good wash down yesterday with a Microfibre sponge thing. Get up for work this morning and it's rained on it -_-



It does present a good excuse to show off the Kadjar's rear, the aerial has been replaced by a Shark Fin - if I am honest it's probably not the best option if you use the radio a great deal, this third party shark fin just had a bolt you screw in instead of the aerial and two nuts to clamp the cable running from it to the pcb aerial in the fin. I felt it probably wouldn't be great for picking up radio signal - but as I never listen to the radio that didn't matter and I prefer the look of the fin compared to a big waggly aerial.

The other alteration is the Chrome accents for the rear fog lights, with all the chrome on the front and sides of the Sig Nav the back looked a bit bland in comparison. The other thing is it makes my Kadjar that little bit more unique as they seem to be getting quite common around my area!

With that I am now going home from work, in brilliant sunshine !


And a pre-leaving work side angle to show how the fog light trim helps match up with the window chrome and roof chrome bars.

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5 hours ago, turboted10 said:

You chav you, though you should have gone the whole hog though and got 1 of those 10ft long fibre glass jobbies that were popular in the 70's, from wing mounted and looped over to clip to the rear bumper. ;)

As soon as my cameras charged I'll post a pic of mine, it's not seen water since new 10 months ago, i'm glad when it rains:D Here you go;

I don't know if it's because it's red but it neither shows or holds muck, only the plassy bits could do with a wipe down but seeing as the are plastic and designed to take the knocks around the edges they won't be done until it's serviced in a few months



One day I will achieve my CB Radio dream rig!

The Red looks really good, I can't leave the blue even a few weeks before it starts showing up the dried on dust and muck on it - maybe it's just the dirty roads around my area though!

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4 hours ago, PatWar said:

Yep, the blue shows up the dried on rain spots and dust more than some other colours. 10-4 Rubber Duck!

Breaker one niner, we have a bear in the air and a bear rolling discos.

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