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Frank Spencer Moment

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So as the title say a bit of a Frank Spencer moment last night at home.


Our TV has been playing up which is just out of warranty so me being me I decided to "fix" it myself.


So it was straight onto U Tube to suss out the problem , which was easily found and seemed easy to do, all I needed was to remove the back panel (pressed metal), then get the power board number to order the parts, so for easy peasy.


Screw driver in hand and off came the panel, warning my lad not to touch the edge of the panel because it was like a razor blade, then laid the panel on the floor next to the now opened up TV.

This is going like clock work me thinks to myself.

Anyway finds the part number, writes it down and then decided to lift the TV which was also laying flat on the floor, back up onto its stand for safe keeping, here it all goes a bit Frank Spencer............


As I stretch over the back panel that was still laying on the floor, to pick up the TV, my right foot slipped on our wooden flooring (only wearing socks), causing me to slip forwards catching my left foot on the edging of the metal back panel (the very panel I had warned my lad was like a razor) !!


Bit of a crash and a bang but only my pride damaged, oh so I thought until the wet warm feeling in my sock, yep there it was, a right good old gapping cut open to the bone on the underside of my foot, that required a 7 hour visit to our local A&E where a plastic surgeon put things back together with around 10 stitches.  :(


Needles in the soles of your feet are not the best way to end a Sunday evening.  :o


So if theres an DIY'ers on here or would be TV repair men then take a tip, and leave it to the professionals.

I'm now off from work as I cant stand or drive.

Dont you just love U Tube  :angry:

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Temptation was too much.

A £2000 TV that needed a £8 repair kit.



Get some DLA sticks and claim benefits. ..lots do ... Hic hic btw ...
Ps am no lad ;-)

LOL, yeah know exactly what and who you mean, Madam  :D

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