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The Kadjar is still a dream drive no issues there setting up the R Link 2 , however, was a frustrating affair . I hope the following helps others when their long waits are over , because there's sweet FA help on the R Link site :-

Initially I connected to the R Link store from the vehicle and the display told me it would take 72 hours to register R Link . In fact , I received a message that it had registered ( on My R Link ) within 24 hours: no problem there  :)

The next step was to register my car at My Renault online . This was done and it gave me a link to the R Link store and here's where the fun started . You have to create an account on the R Link store the usual stuff name address e mail and password and the VIN Number of the car , the next page asks you for the serial number of the R Link . This can be found on the R Link / System /Swipe to second page  > system information  and HUID is the serial number . I duly copied this into the web page and it was rejected . There is a second method described which involves inserting a USB key in the car leave it for a few minutes , remove it and then inserting it in your PC and R Link Download manager should read the serial number and enter it for you . This doesn't work . The problem is R Link Download Manager doesn't show on the web page anywhere so it doesn't read your serial number , the reason being, Download Manager only appears when you've actually created the account , but because you can't enter the serial number you can't create an account ....WTF !!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway , the solution is this  you find your HUID ( serial ) number on the R Link but you OMIT the first three letters ,in my case CAP , the serial  number is recognized at which point you wait for a validation e mail from Renault and you are in.

You may have further issues once you've got access to download manager . It will ask you for a location to download your updates to ,if any but the program will not see your USB key . I my case this was because I use Windows !0 and use either the Edge or Chrome Browsers neither of which support Java plug ins . You will need to use an earlier version of Internet Explorer ( 11 is fine)  ,FireFox,Safari basically anything that supports Java 

After all this there weren't any updates anyway :D 

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That's why I put it there ,Alan . I could say I was  pulling my hair out but time had already done that  :D

On a serious note ,though , Renault really need to work on their manuals .Everything I wrote should be there . The R Link 2 is excellent though , Voice activation works fine ,very useful .

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e mail address for R Link Helpline is r-link.helplineuk@renault.com  phone 0844 3690000 .They answered my queries by e mail quickly so I would use that before the phone ( 16p a minute ,I think )

Awesome Ulfire, just what I needed. :) Thx for helping us all out :) 

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One other thing , I mentioned that R Link download will not work with the Windows edge or Chrome Browser  ( No Java support ) . It will work with Firefox ,though it's a bit clunky . I've installed the Opera browser and it works very well . I've run it for a few days now and it's certainly faster than Firefox and maybe even faster than Chrome . 

Just thought it may help in preparation for the arrival of your Kadjars ,which I hope won't be long . I'm fed up of other drivers tailgating me to get a closer look at mine  :D

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I'm really not very techy when it comes to computers and updates ect ect.

So in simple terms do we need to install this R-Link thingy. ???


When I collected my Kadjar the sales guy typed in my email address into the R-Link2 (i dont know why but just went along with it),

I think I received an email a few days later ?

I do recall trying to open an account or something but like you've said nothing was recognised, so I gave up.


As you know I've not had the car for over a month, so It looks like I may have to start all this account thing from scratch.


Can you run it by me in Dick & Dora terms  :P


Is it really needed what are the benefits of opening this R-Link account.

My browser is Google chrome. 

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Once they've put your e mail into R Link on the vehicle you should get a message on the R Link in 72 Hours to tell you it's been registered ( it was next day in my case ) . Once that's done put an empty USB stick into either USB port with R Link on leave it for a few minutes and eject it . Create an account on your PC and , when you log in , put the USB key into your PC and run Download manager , it should see your USB and install any updates onto the USB which then has to be put in the car to update . There's no updates on the R Link site that I've seen though , in fact nothing much of interest at all really  :blink:

Just remember you can't use Microsoft Edge or Chrome it doesn't support Java so the download manager won't work 

Hope this helps mate

I've downloaded Opera ( which is Chrome based but allows Java 0 , I find it very good , even though the interface isn't quite as appealing as Chrome ,it's a pretty fast browser ,maybe faster than Chrome even

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When you say "put an empty USB stick in either slot with R-Link on", doesn't it come on automatically when you start the car ?


I did download a calculator app (dont why :unsure:  ) to the system and I recieved an email thanking me for my purchase ?

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Just had this reply from the R Link support ,it applies to installing Coyote but I should apply to R Link 2 in general ;-

"With regards to the Coyote application, please follow the procedure below in order to download Coyote Series onto your USB Stick and install it onto the device.


I - Saving the data from your R-Link 2 on a USB Stick:

1. Use a USB stick (minimum 16 GB) with the format FAT 32;

2. In your vehicle, insert the USB Stick in the R-Link 2;

3. Turn on the R-Link 2 and wait for 2 minutes with the USB stick inserted.


Warning: No message will be displayed saying that the data recording is finished.


II - Synchronise your products

1. Log in to your R-Link Store account;

2. Click on "R-Link Store";

3. Click on "My products";

4. Click on "Manage my products";

5. Click on "Manage" on the R-Link line;

6. A new window with the list of your applications will open. Make sure that the Coyote Series box is ticked;

7. Then click on "Sync".


III - Downloading your products

1. The window of R-Link Download Manager opens automatically;

2. Select your USB Stick;

3. Click on "Synchronise";

4. Click on "Download";

5. Coyote Series should appear in the list;

6. Click on "Start" and the download starts;

7. It can take up to 2 minutes;

8. The message "Done" will show up in the download box;

9. Safely remove the USB Stick from the computer.


IV - Updating in your vehicle

1. Go to your vehicle with the USB Stick;

2. Insert it in your R-Link 2;

3. Turn on the R-Link 2;

4. The message "1 application will be installed" should appear on a bar of the R-Link 2;

5. The status of the Coyote installation is indicated by a loading bar;

6. Then a message with "Installation Complete" is visible.


V - Verifying Coyote installation on Board

1. Go to the Main Menu of your R-Link 2;

2. Click on "Apps";

3. Click on "My apps";

4. Click on "Coyote" and verify that the application works."

It's nice to know  that minimum 16GB stick should be used ...pity they couldn't be arsed to put it in the manual or on line  :wub:

He also gave me some links to R Link 2 instruction videos I'll put these in a separate post called R Link 2 Instruction videos 

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Yep step 1 is allow data sharing and then step 2 is activating connectivity with the email address part noted above. It will come up saying your activation request is processing for about a second and then the error message

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Ok so I followed your useful instructions and I managed to update a couple of apps using Download Manager. Thing it it popped up a message saying that there is a mandatory update for the Kadjar, but I cannot understand how that will get updated. It seems that the car will download it itself. But I really dont think there is any connectivity at all. The app store icon on the RLink is grey and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to enable it from the car.

Any tips?


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