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Found 2 results

  1. My wonderful Dyn S Nav is off the road - at the dealers. The turbo has blown! It was first one ordered in N. Ireland - possibly UK - on morning ordering was opened up. Started with a whine, during acceleration, which I reported to dealer after a couple of days. They were to take it in 2 days later but sadly it blew the next day! So if you get a high pitched whine during acceleration take it to dealer quick! Car has just under 15,000 miles. Hope this isn't a portent of things to come for other owners - hope it's just my bad luck!
  2. I have had my Signatue S Nace TCe130 for a week now. Just getting to grips with the RLink but on its first long drive on the motorway it was fine but on the return journey it started to whine. It does do sound like wind resistance, gear box and at first we thought it was feedback from the audio system. But now I am not so sure (turned radio and Bluetooth off, disconnected usb) sounds a bit like a whistle through the air vents but again not sure. It happens intermittently and generally starts at 65-70mph and dies down at 45-50mph. We took a video (audio) of the sound and the dealer checked it over and it seemed all ok, they are ctc Renault about it. So all week it has been fine (including a short motorway run) until today it's been back on the motorway and within 5 minutes the sound is back, though it is not as loud and it is intermittent but annoying all the same. So I am not sure if it is a bedding in issue or not but obviously I am keen to resolve this as the car is only a week old (I reported it on day 2 of ownership so keen to protect my consumer rights rather than be fobbed off). So has anyone got any ideas?