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Found 2 results

  1. New Kadjar Owner

    I bought my Kadjar, because all the information I was reading said that R-Link 2 had Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This was not the case when I had taken the car home, and started fiddling as you do, to connect my phone, and nothing!? So Rather miffed with Renault about this. Oh the other thing is the car I bought was registered in November 2016, but I found out when I received related paperwork is was manufactured in 2015. Well for a Signature Nav 1.6 manual its really basic, such as the absence of absent lighting, footwell lights, puddle lamps and door lamps. I think I was sold a dynamiquie with "extras", and I'm not happy with this heap of metal. I need help to make the best of this car as I've got it for several years now. Help?????
  2. Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone here can give me some owner feedback. I'm considering buying a 1.2 petrol Kadjar. I've had a test drive with the dealer around local roads, but I haven't had a chance to get the car up to motorway speeds. The nearest fast road is some distance from the dealer - and I will probably push them to let me go on an extended drive to take the car up to speed, but in the meantime I thought I'd ask some of you if you can give me your opinions of the way the 1.2 behaves on fast roads. Most of my driving will be done in town, 18mile daily commute mostly below 40MPH with just me in the car, but like most family cars it'll have to deal with the annual holiday, trips to the airport etc with the family on-board. Can any of you 1.2 owners let me know how the car handles the motorway with the family on board + luggage ? What's the engine speed at 70 for example ? Does it still feel comfortable - or does it struggle ? I have occasionally done a few holidays in Europe, how does the car feel above the UK legal limit ? I appreciate any feedback you can give me. I'm not expecting a superb motorway machine from a 1.2 petrol engine - but I'm prepared to accept that for the few times a year that I drive long distances at speed. The rest of the time I'm confident the 1.2 will be just fine. Thanks Mike