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Found 16 results

  1. New member

    Just joined always had diesels this is my first Renault after the previous 4 cars being the Citroen grand c4 the Kadjar was a complete change for me. I use the car to shuttle for school runs and have done just over a 1000 miles but Monday my husband noticed a smell either brakes or clutch coming from the car we took to Renault and have it booked in for a check in the new year and told nothing to worry about. But we have never had this before should I be worried the smell has lingered for the past 4 days and even when the bonnet and windows have been left open the smell still remains. We also noted that there is a symbol of clean air which shows very polluted which Renault say is nothing to do with the car but the air outside is this true? We are getting concerned as Renault advises if there is a clutch issue and found to be owner related we will have to pay costs. The kadjar is manual 6 speed diesel. My husband has driven the car on the motorway on the weekend thinking this would help if there may have been a spot of soot build up but it’s still the same. Any response gratefully appreciated. Sandra
  2. Hi All

    hi all just joined, got new kadjar sig/nav all the toys, flame red, auto, its great, will post a few pics latter.
  3. Pre registered car

    Hi I am in the process of buying a pre-registered Kadjar from the RenaultRetail group. I wanted to know 1- Is it possible the car can be defective or damaged or the milage is tempered? 2- Why the retail group selling on Kadjar Dynamic Nav and not Kadjar Dynamic S Nav (with sensors) 3- I was told that the sensors can be fitted with the cost of £250, is this correct? 4- Why they are keen to sell white colour and not the red colour? 5- Is there anything dodgy in the deal that I need to be aware of? 6- The locations of the car are shown quite remotely like Swansea. Is there any specific reason for that? Looking forward to the replies Many thanks
  4. These are not the best pictures because it was dark inside my work, and when I arrived at destination I was so eager to unload I forgot to take a few more pictures. The main long load is a 6ft long and 2ft wide cylinder for a coffee roaster. The choice was use the Kadjar for the 300 mile round trip, or use the works hateful dogged van which would have driven me insane. So it had to fit. First problem, I was expecting the front passenger seat to do the tabletop mode - but it either doesn't or I am too stupid to make it do it. Looking at my Signature nav front seats they have lifted edges on both the base and back so I could not see how it could even tabletop if I could find the way to do it. BUT, if you remove the passenger seat headrest and move the seat fully forward and then tilt it backwards into full on chillax recline - it actually is not very much higher then the folded down back seats - result. Plenty of cardboard to protect the car then just slid the tube up and over the front seat reclined lip. Slight issue the tube has a sticking out bit where it connects - which when upwards was catching the glass roof so I had to rotate it into the potentially attacking me while driving side position. Stopped it wandering using strapping hooked to front and rear passenger hand holds. At the back stopped it moving backwards with a couple of beefy motors in boxes. Also tied it to the two rear luggage hooks left an right. It didn't even slide a mm during the 150 mile trip to deliver it - although nearly all that was motorway. 6ft long load fitted in the Kadjar done, it can be an impressive and luxurious van if needed. Added bonus, clocked an average 65mpg on the trip up (set off at 6am so clear motorways and slip streamed a Mercedes Sprinter doing 69mph for a good 90 miles)
  5. So here is the Kadjar enjoying a second day of 32 degree heat. The silver line on top of the windscreen isn't a new model Kadjar finish - it's duct tape holding the top seal of the windscreen in place. I almost feel like keeping it that way - the cabin is much quieter on the motorway with the duct tape mod.
  6. Hi - I have recently purchased a Kadjar and it is missing the coin holder. All I have is a hole and I can see wiring underneath. Does anyone know the part number required to order a new one, or the part number for the small cup that goes in the hole instead? Many thanks in advance
  7. Just a quick note on fuel consumption. My 1.2 manual Kadjar averages about 32mpg most of the time. Wife has 900TCE Clio which averages about 38mpg. Surprisingly when visiting my Renault Dealer with a small query about lights in door switches ( lack of them except drivers window!! ), the first thing he asked was what fuel consumption we got out of our cars - told him and he seemed very surprised that it wasn't a lot more. Performance on both cars - brilliant, consumption - disappointing.
  8. It has rained a lot today but I didn't expect to rain in my car. Today on returning home from a short trip (but the car lives outside too), I noticed the carpet in the rear nearside passenger footwell was soaking wet. Has anyone had this problem? Any ideas and are the dealers any good at sorting out the problem? Thanks.
  9. I saw the other topic Like/Dislike and I thought it will be much easier to express our opinions using a poll for Like and Dislike. You can select more than 1 choice on each question. I added some of features that I think are important, feel free to let me know if you want to add other choices I might have missed
  10. Hello, I just ordered my new Kadjar and will be receiving it in a week. It's a 1.2l turbo petrol engine with the Automatic gearbox. I would like to know from those who drive this configuration, how much L/100 you guys get on average? Thank you very much
  11. A creaking noise has started when I reached 1500 miles and seems to be getting worse; I have now 3000 miles on the clock. It doesn’t make a noise first thing in the morning but appears after driving for 2-3 miles. 16 Diesel with manual gearbox. I have driven two different Kadjars and they are fine. The creaking happens when I depress the clutch in the first inch then is silent and reappears just before the pedal is fully depressed. When I release the pedal the creaking appears for the last two inches of travel. This happens with every gear change and is very annoying in slow moving traffic on my way to work. Apparently they replaced the clutch mechanism last week but there is no difference so they need to replace something else. The air flow is never directed to the foot well – this can cause any lubrication to dry up. I will not turn up the radio. My shoes and knees are not creaky either AND it is not a characteristic of the car. Anyone suggest a solution.
  12. Ladies and Gents, i had an idea for key holder and i am running around with this since a couple of months (due to testing purpose) and still really happy with the result : I am trying to get the final product ready to be ordered in different colors : And customizable: This post is just a preview, as soon as the key holder is ready for order i will post an announcement in the "Member Classified" section. I really hope you like it, because i do love it, that's why i am trying to get it available for ordering Cheers !!!
  13. Not much to these ears. It’s a sign that most normal-sounding names have been trademarked and manufacturers are increasingly having to invent words that work globally and chime with their brand values. No easy task… Perhaps it’s best if we let Renault explain its thinking behind the new badge. ‘The name Kadjar is built around Kad and Jar,’ says today’s statement. ‘Kad is inspired by "quad" – representing a go-anywhere four-wheeled vehicle and Jar recalls the French words "agile" and "jaillir," representing agility and suddenly emerging from somewhere. ‘The sound and spelling of the name have an exotic feel which suggests adventure and discovering new horizons. The initial letter ‘K’ is indicative of the model’s robustness and the Kadjar fits seamlessly with Renault’s existing B-segment crossover – Captur.’ So that’s cleared that one up.
  14. As the brand continues its offensive on the crossover market, Renault is pleased to present the KADJAR, its first C-segment crossover KADJAR is to be revealed via a social media campaign A new name for a new crossover The name KADJAR is built around KAD- and -JAR. KAD- is inspired by ‘quad’ – representing a go-anywhere four-wheeled vehicle and -JAR recalls the French words ‘agile’ and ‘jaillir’ representing agility and suddenly emerging from somewhere. The sound and spelling of the name have an exotic feel which suggests adventure and discovering new horizons. The initial letter ‘K’ is indicative of the model’s robustness and the KADJAR fits seamlessly with Renault’s existing B-segment crossover – Captur.
  15. Nav+ Trim Hi everyone, im proud to say, that just a few days ago, I steped in to my new car - the Renault Kadjar and it feels even better than when I did my test drive. I absolutely love it, I've tested qashqai, crv and many other cars and none gave me the driving comfort of the one I have in Kadjar. I don't know, maybe it's just a mind-trick, but I really feel that as far as driving goes, this is the best car for me by far. And I love all the little perks of it, the way everything works, I like the turn sign sounds, the boot with its double floor, the HUD is amazing, the 7 inch display is very responsive, very rapid. If anyone reading this is still undecided about whether to get a Kadjar, I vote strongly yes (as far as an advice from a complete stranger goes)! Since i've had only about a 100miles to it by now, there's nothing much I can say about it technicaly, since no real testing has occured yet, but, I can point out some flaws I've noticed from the get go. First of all, it's the cup holders.. They are a complete fail on every level. They are way too small, they are way too shallow and they are positioned probably in the worst possible place in the car. Basically, If you love to drive with a big cup of coffee or soda, you should a) be super sure it's lid is sealed perhaps get some kind of attachable holder, cause as I said, the cupholders are way too small for a medium - to large cup, and even if you get a cup in there, it's so shallow it can tip over easily, especially considering the placement of it, since, you basically keep your right hands elbow above those cups all the time. Why couldn't they put the cup holders next to the electric brake not behind it?! The other thing I thought was not adequate for the vehicle was the size of the mirros. This isn't a huge car, but it's still not a small one and seeing that the mirrors give you such a small viewing was a real shame. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but, sometimes, the side parking sensors go off without a reason (all the way to the max, the red zone), so, i've had situations when I brake like mad thinking im about to hit something I missed just to find myself looking for things that are not there. Why it does that, I have no idea. And to be picky (and Im really not, since I really do LOVE THE CAR), one flaw, thats completely localised - in my native language, the voice of the navigation is god awful terrible. Thank god You can adjust how much she talks as otherwise it's completely untolerable. So, yeah, as I said, I love the car, it's driving comfort can't be compared to anything else i've tried in the category and besides some of these flaws I mentioned (which I mentioned only because I think they are very illogical design flaws that shouldnt have appeared in the end product) I couldn't be more happy with my new purchase. I hope to see you on the roads. EDIT: I've driven it out of town now and at the speed of around 90km/h I start to hear wind noises quite loudly... Is it just with my car or is it a problem with all Kadjars?? Thanks!