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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm about to get round to upgrading my car and have settled on the Kadjar but was wondering whether people could give me some advice. I commute a decent distance to work and am not sure whether to go for the 1.5 diesel or the 1.6. My commute is a 100 mile round trip so obviously the extra mpg on the 1.5 are tempting but I pretty much sit on the motorway for all but a few of those miles and from what I've read on here and elsewhere one you start hitting 65+mph the mpg on the 1.5 drops dramatically so I'm wondering whether the 1.6 would be a better option just for the extra power that it gives. Does anyone with either the 1.5 or 1.6 have any experience of the real mpg they are getting when doing long drives etc. Looking forward to joining the Kadjar club and thanks in advance, Danny
  2. Hi everyone What is the best and worst fuel economy the owners have found with their Kadjar's Diesel mpg Petrol mpg Motorway driving Urban driving Urban driving School run driving Mixture motorway/urban Mixture good road/urban Rush hour driving Mine is Urban/good road/medium to bad traffic various and I am averaging at moment about 44/45 mpg diesel Dynamique Nav 1.5 dCi 110
  3. New member

    Just joined always had diesels this is my first Renault after the previous 4 cars being the Citroen grand c4 the Kadjar was a complete change for me. I use the car to shuttle for school runs and have done just over a 1000 miles but Monday my husband noticed a smell either brakes or clutch coming from the car we took to Renault and have it booked in for a check in the new year and told nothing to worry about. But we have never had this before should I be worried the smell has lingered for the past 4 days and even when the bonnet and windows have been left open the smell still remains. We also noted that there is a symbol of clean air which shows very polluted which Renault say is nothing to do with the car but the air outside is this true? We are getting concerned as Renault advises if there is a clutch issue and found to be owner related we will have to pay costs. The kadjar is manual 6 speed diesel. My husband has driven the car on the motorway on the weekend thinking this would help if there may have been a spot of soot build up but it’s still the same. Any response gratefully appreciated. Sandra