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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm a new Kadjar owner and new to this forum. Quite unfortunately - I decided to get my Signature S Nav from the dealer existing stock and it turned out to be from the "old" stock with the older R-Link 2 install with no smartphone mirroring. I'm determined to get this rectified and have done some extensive research over multiple forums to see the situation and it seems that Apple require a "higher powered USB output" which I frankly think is bollocks because the existing output is more than my wall charger. Nonetheless - if this is true then I don't see why Renault can't at least include android auto when the whole system itself is android based. So for this I have three actions proposed: 1) Go sign the petition from the french forum (use google translate if you're not fluent in croissant) - 2) If someone has the new r-link 2 software (version - please upload the update file? - I can ask some more talented friends if they can do some work on trying to build a custom firmware - this will be risky however and not guaranteed - its been done on the Mazda CX5 to bring android auto on there but people need to reinstall the stock firmware before car goes into service (I believe). 3) This is my own personal endeavour as I feel I've been wronged by Renault in my particular case - my car was manufactured April 24th and this article clearly states "From April onwards, 100% of new cars produced with R-LINK will embark the compatibility with the leading smartphone projection technologies from Google and Apple." This was more recently changed to May 2017 vehicles - so it is quite unacceptable that I only had that previous info when buying my car - I think I should have a legal avenue to pursue but ideally want to resolve it with a software update. Thanks for reading guys! Keep up the pressure and keep contacting Renault complaints team
  2. Carplay & Android Auto

    I believe my new Kadjar is compatible as has screen mirroring however, not managed to get it working despite following the Renault video guide. Has anyone managed to get the iPhone app screens to show on the rlink yet?