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  1. Wonder if anyone else can shed a light on this. Our Kadjar (August 2016) RHD , in the last few weeks have had a few problems that im having to put it into the garage to sort. First the drivers seatbelt is taking at least 3/4 attempts to click into the secure position. Then the driver door button wont unlock or lock the car so I have to use the remote key instead (the passenger door and the boot will lock the care with no issue). Then last week. The front wiper on the drivers side just stopped working altogether (I think its a linkage problem though). Another strange thing that happens on occasion is that the back rear passenger side window just goes down randomly and wont go back up until I stop the engine and restart it again. Its only happened about half a dozen times though. Anyone had similar issues? Apart from this we've been really pleased with the car and had no real issues till now. (Apart from the RLink2 being pretty useless after the first year)
  2. Hi there, I've noticed on the Renault website that the specification of the Dynamique Nav says roof rails but at the bottom of the list it also mentions Roof bars. Can anyone confirm if you get roofbars with the Nav spec upwards? It would save us a few quid if it did when our car arrives. What should I expect when we pick up the car i.e. Mats, etc? Thanks for any info.