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  1. New car??

    How did you manage to interpret the VIN, I can't make head nor tail of it?
  2. New car??

    The law is on your side, specifically the 2015 Consumer Protection Act which states: Any product you buy should be of ‘satisfactory quality’ and in the case of a car you can reasonably expect it to: - Get you from A to B without breaking down - Work as expected without any faults - Be as described in any advert, brochure or order sheet If the car fails to meet one or more of those criteria and the dealer hasn’t been able to remedy it, you’re within your rights to reject it as being of unsatisfactory quality. Your rights were previously protected by the Sales of Goods Act but anything bought since October 2015 is covered by the Consumer Rights Act, which is subtly different and works a little more in your favour. If it goes wrong within the first 30 days of ownership, you can simply reject it out of hand for a full refund.
  3. Anything specific about the Elgin bunch that one should know about?
  4. Here’s an update to my problems, I say problems because I later found out that the stop/start function wasn’t working either. Apart from driving the car home from the dealer on Tuesday 6th March I hadn’t driven it again just in case I wanted to reject the car as unsatisfactory, as per the 2015 Consumer Protection Act. From the Tuesday until Sunday 11th I hassled the dealership about the problems and finally they said to take the car in the following day. We did and were met with a warm reception. In all fairness I think they were overloaded with new car handovers during the previous week, because they are normally quite a nice bunch to work with. Their plan of action was to put the battery on trickle charge overnight so that it was fully charged and then test drive the car. So we stayed in Aberdeen for the night fully expecting the problems to be solved the next day when we went to pick up the car. Alas no! We spent most of the morning waiting and waiting with numerous cups of coffee and later an offer that they would get us some sandwiches for lunch, or even take us out to lunch. We asked for a packet of biscuits, chocolate ones. The reason for this in-depth account is to show how well they took care of us…..I’ve seen on the forum some people are really pissed off with their dealers. Finally the mechanic emerged and explained what they had done and what they’d found out. The eco mode was easy to fix, a loose connection. However the stop/start was a problem. For it to work the computer must register a reading of 80% of full battery charge, mine was showing 60%, which as far as the computer was concerned was a dead battery. They tried known good batteries and the result was always the same, 60% capacity…! Looks like a duff computer. Their game plan now is to seek help in fixing the computer or install a new one. They gave us a courtesy car, a Kadjar, to use whilst ours is being fixed. I don’t know if I’m allowed to mention the dealership but here goes, it’s John Clark Specialist Cars Aberdeen, a lot of dealers could do well to take a leaf out of their book. A point to note when I asked for a red 4wd Kadjar there was seemingly only two in the country, only one had the Techno Pack which I wanted and it was in Plymouth……so I hope it didn’t come up here with a grudge ;o]
  5. Thanks for the reply and yes there are other ways to get economy but my beef is that I've just bought a new car which doesn't function as it should, albeit in a minor way. So therefore I would like all the functions to work so that at least I have control and can decide whether I want to use a particular function or not. Hope this doesn't sound aggressive because it's not! Just for the record my last Kadjar, the 1.5 dci was in Eco all the time except when, as you say, I needed an extra boost. I got used to it fairly quickly. Thank you very much all you guys and gals for contributing to my post it's been very informative. And by the way mine has 4wd not Eco2!
  6. Just as a matter of interest does your 4wd have the eco badge on the tailgate or is it the 4wd badge?
  7. Thanks for the reply that sounds interesting. I've got a feeling she might be stuck in eco mode since the switch doesn't seem to be working. It was while driving home with the car I found 1st and 2nd had what I would describe as a flat spot and it is similar to that which I experienced on the 1.5 dci in eco. Brilliant! I need to get in touch with the dealer.
  8. Yes I'd be delighted to compare the two when I've done a wee bit more running, only done 85 miles so far so it'll take a wee while.....bear with me. I will say that driving out of Aberdeen after collecting the car I thought there wasn't as much road noise as there was on the 1.5 dci, both are 19 inch wheels. Further on in the journey the roads were covered in snow so road noise would be quiet anyway. Give me a month to try her out and I'll get back.
  9. Been a while since I contributed to the forum but quite honestly I've had no problems, touch wood, with my 1.5 dci Sig Nav Techno Pack car in the 20 month I've had it. Did 6500 miles without a hitch. Decided, partly because of the extreme winter conditions up here and partly due to the concept "boys and their toys", to go for a 1.6 dci Sig Nav Techno Pack 4wd. Got it on Tuesday. Can anybody tell me if the gear ratios are different between the 1.5 dci and the 1.6 dci 4wd, whilst driving it home I seemed to detect a flat spot in lower gears, she didn't quite stall but nearly? Second question does the 1.6 dci 4wd have eco mode? There is a switch on the dashboard but it doesn't seem to do anything, there's no eco warning light on the dash.
  10. Dash Cam Placement

    The penny has dropped, now I see the reason for the link. Well done you!
  11. Kadjar Minimum Power Requirements

    Thanks, but it's already on a timer in the guise of a voltage timer. My question was, at what voltage has the battery discharged sufficiently to NOT allow the car to start?
  12. Kadjar Minimum Power Requirements

    No, it's a Thinkware F770 2-channel hardwired model. Brilliant model, I've run some recorded videos on the computer and the quality is brilliant, clear as a bell!
  13. Kadjar Minimum Power Requirements

    Not really, it's just that you can leave it recording while the vehicle is parked whether at the supermarket or at home. You can define either continuous, time lapse or bump mode for recording, I guess the power used diminishes relative to the series. But I think you are right maybe 12V should be the minimum, I have it set at the moment at 12.3V. Thanks.
  14. Does anybody know the minimum power (VI) requirements to start the Kadjar? My Thinkware dash cam has a variable voltage cut off which when reached switches off the unit. The unit records even after the car is locked, but the failsafe switch is supposed to stop the voltage falling below a predefined level thus allowing the car to be started. Does anybody know that voltage?
  15. Dash Cam Placement

    Just thought I'd let you know that I chickened out in the end and got the dealer to fit the dash cam. They did a brilliant job, they placed it just where I wanted it and they routed the cable in through the plastic camera box on the windscreen and you don't see any sign of it until it reappears at the tailgate. Brilliant job! I did give it some serious thought, but the "what if's" started to surface! What if: the panels bend, the panels won't fit back in place or the airbags get activated.