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  1. What is this

    Just checked mine which is the 1.2 TCe too and I have that little black box too. Its not mobility and I don't have the insurance where you require telematics or what ever it's fancy name is. the only option I put on mine was the Active Brake Assist which has a radar under the front bumper. It will have an on/off button onte R-link if your friend has that. So so it might be that if Iwere to hazard a guess.
  2. Another noise

    Fish, I hope you can reassure me but they reset the camera correctly didn't they? And didn't mark the surrounding paintwork? Just a little cynical that they will not do a good job like yours. After all my car is only 6 weeks old.
  3. Another noise

    Fish, I have a noise that sounds the same as a wet finger round the rim of a wine glass at about 70mph. I too have the Signature S Nav TCe but mine is Auto. its only got 300 miles on the clock so I had the dealer look at it yesterday. The after sales manager found a bulletin about a wind noise from a customer where at 80.6mph there was a noise. The solution was the windscreen seal. his solution was to put wide masking tape along the top of the windscreen. I has stopped the noise, so I will probably be getting the windscreen resealed. It's would appear it only affect those with the panoramic sunroof. So so looks like it's the same thing as yours
  4. Can anyone help. I've searched for the same topic but nothing found. just had my car 4 weeks now about 300 miles. I was siittimg at 70 and all was fine. When I hit 75 there was a humming noise. To me it sounded like when you run a wet finger round a wine glass. Other half said it sounds like a thin price of plastic vibrating noise like a harmonica. Surely it can't be a bearing at 300 miles on the clock. It's the 1.2 TCe Auto. thanks
  5. Just out the wrapper today.

    I like the red too. You still made a good choice
  6. Just picked my new Signature S Nav today at 4pm. I'm impressed with it smoothness
  7. I've bought LED bulbs to replace fir the number plate. i can get the bulb housing away from the boot lid. How do I actually get at the bulb I've tried twisting pulling but can't work it out any suggestions
  8. Insurance

    Thanks all, I'm seeing the dealer tomorrow so I'll ask him then.
  9. Insurance

    I am having trouble getting insurance for the TCe Signature S Nav EDC. I'm told the car should be here on Saturday and I don't know the registration number as I will be putting my own on. When I search for my model it doesn't exist on most websites. Is the Signature Nav S not been out for a while? Surely it should be on most insurers databases. Its driving me nuts as they told me if its not listed they can't insure it and I'm limited to a few companies.
  10. Delivery

    Got a video message from my dealer (Renault Watford) that my car has now reached the UK and us at the import centre. so it should be here 1st week in October😀
  11. My new Renault Kadjar....I think?!

    I had that on my 2003 Megane which was bought brand new back then. The rust spots were on the plastic part of the boot so that would explain darenh's theory. I think a claybar might remove the contaminants.
  12. My understanding of the post is that no one died so the crash was not fatal. There was a similar one off post on the Vauxhall Mokka forum which I was part of, saying the car cuts out and is dangerous. It could be espionage to put people off buying the Kadjar. Sweeping statement I know but it's my opinion. If it is true I hope no one was seriously hurt.
  13. Neighbours who needs them

    Reminds me must remember to buy the GAP with scratch and dent policy. On a serious note I'd be fuming.
  14. Keep us posted as I am curious. Alpacaman did you notice you had it like Manns when the water just runs off? Does it keep it newer for longer?