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  1. Map Updates

    nice one. i still dont have any update since i bought my car(7/2016) also anyone know what i can do after the date expires? i can use the gps or it will be disabled untill i pay again?
  2. Map Updates

    1092 days? omg! why i have only 365 the day i bought my car? im in greece?
  3. Map Updates

    how can i see the date of the version installed? you said March 2016. i didnt find this info anywhere. any one can help?
  4. Latest version of R-Link

    IM STILL BEHIND THIS VERSION YOU SHOW HERE. if i go the cat to the dealer they will update it?
  5. Latest version of R-Link

    even my maps are very old looking at my version and compare with the others. but still no update when i log in. 9,12,106,586426 anyone got this old version?
  6. Latest version of R-Link

    hallo everybody. i just saw photos from Kadjar Turkie and i saw that my rlink is not up to date. mine version is 2,2,15,703 and navigation info 9,12,106,586426. also the startup sofware is 4711. is there any way to see at the rlink store the which version is available? i log in and says no updates available... any ideas?
  7. no message saved

    anyone read this information at the booklet or you asked the renault dealer? im searching the web for this but nothing comes up...
  8. no message saved

    the 3 pages buttom changes the top right info. you are right. the message is with the up and down lever. my fault.
  9. no message saved

    so it is a error message? nice. i hope it will never change!!! btw the handbook (greek) is very poor. not even the half details for using this car are available in the booklet... pity...
  10. anyone know how to save a message so when i press the 3 squares buttom at the right on the stearing wheel to show this message? whats the meaning of this? what message? any ideas?
  11. there is a 3M tape at the back and it sticks pretty well. its ok and i have it almost 3 months on and i wash it pretty often. also temperatures here was pretty low (-8 Celsious). no problems so far. instruction said to use a hot air hair dryer to make the glue more effective when you install them. you can find them on aliexpress or ebay. search for the best price the quality is the same..
  12. iphone 7 SMS read outs

    i got the same problem with my mls android smart phone. dont know what to do at settings... very annoying pressing ok every time on the screen... dont know what setting needed and i search my phone for those settings...
  13. USB player album order

    nice topic. i m wondering if anyone can change FOLDERS playing and not only tracks. i didnt search it but i think i cant change folders because i cant see them in the current list.... is there a way to play folders, repeat folders etc? thank you!
  14. Air Recirculation Button

    you think we all can say to the dealer to update the ac system? this is the solution? or its normall? i didnt get it yet....
  15. Air Recirculation Button

    yeap!just yesterday i noticed the same issue i dont know why this option exist... its kinda weird... anyone can say why we cant switch it off?