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  1. Keycard problems

    I mentioned the colour to confirm that I had performed the common-sense fault finding procedure. Remember what your mummy told you - " It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt."
  2. Keycard problems

    The battery in the 'other' card (white) is the original and the keycard functions perfectly; I've just tried another new battery from a different source in the black KC and as soon as I entered the car - "keycard battery low". This is despite the new battery reading well above 3v . BTW I purchased the vehicle new is July 2016.
  3. My keycard seems to be u/s. Asked my dealer to fit a new battery due to the ' keycard battery low' warning on the dashboard; 1 week later - same warning plus ' hold the keycard close to the start/stop button' warning, fitted another new battery; same thing happened again - another new battery. Now have the car booked in to the dealer. Anyone else?
  4. No Network connection - still

    Morning, The vehicle is under s1 year old. I have not paid for any map updates although I have updated the maps through R-Link site using USB. As far as Tomtom live goes, having always used Garmin in the past I don't know what I would be looking for. But the 'no network' message is still there... Gordy B
  5. Greetings, I am receiving the 'no network connection - try again' message on my Kadjar. I can't say exactly when this occured but I used to have a connection. I researched this site and have tried resetting the R-link (holding the power-on button in for at least 10 seconds) and despite the unit appearing to reboot, I am still receiving the message when I go in through the menu. Any further advice/solutions will be gratefully received! Gordyb
  6. Samsung Galaxy 7 v R-Link 2

    And which version of R-link2 are you running?
  7. Samsung Galaxy 7 v R-Link 2

    After your post, contacted the dealer and it's going in for a tweak next Tuesday. Living in hope!
  8. Hi, I have a new Samsung Galaxy s7 (not the Edge model and not the exploding Note) and I have been trying to connect it to the R-Link since the start of January. My previous Galaxy s4 worked seamlessly with the R-link. I have been in contact with Renault and I was advised to check the smartphone compatability list here - https://www.renault.co.uk/owners/multimedia/r-link-2.html . I have also attached the list below. I now know that my R-Link software needs to be version, mine is version Where do I get this other software for R-link because in the R-link store, my account says there are no updates. Aaaaarrrrggghhhh. liste-comp-bluetooth-r-link2.pdf
  9. Engine oil filler cap

    Many thanks to those who helped. I did think that the yellow dip stick/cap looked a lot like the oil filler but I just wanted to be certain. And the vehicle is the 1.5 Deisel ( which I should have mentioned)
  10. Greetings, After eventually pulling the soundproof cover off the engine ( scared in case I broke something), I checked the oil level, but I can't get my fingers round the black filler cap for love or money. Please share your method as i am rapidly losing the skin off my fingers... Many thanks GordyB
  11. Sat Nav

    I reckon I had the same frustration until I found a solution, of sorts. First thing to try is change from 3D to 2D by selecting the symbol towards the lower left-hand corner which opens 3 choices I think. I can't remember if I also played with a setting for 'motorway' view or something... pressed so many bloody selections I'm not sure what changed the view to ' direction of travel' (up the screen all the time). Nothing is simple or staightforward with the software and there are glaring holes in how you can set things up your way. Bon chance!
  12. Evening viewers, I had a bit of a dig around and found that the Monabo Logic 2 (or 3) is recommended as a rear-mounted rack for a couple ofbikes. Anyone out there in Kadjarland know about this? Thanks.
  13. Recall on r-link ???

    Hi, Mine was in for a paint job and I was told it was also having an R-Link recall. No further details were supplied; must chase itup.
  14. Greetings

    Hello K'jars, honoured to be joining your ranks since taking delivery on Friday 15th.
  15. Greetings

    Hello K'jars, honoured to be joining your ranks since taking delivery on Friday 15th.