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  1. Apple car play

    How do you get firmware 3.3.x.x
  2. Apple car play

    How do you find out what firmware version you are running?
  3. R-Link 2 and Apple CarPlay

    Sorry if been asked, but how do you get Apple CarPlay to work with the R-Link 2?
  4. Door lock/unlock button

    Where did you get replacement button from?
  5. The door lock/unlock button on the drivers side of the car does not seem to be working, has anyone else problem with this and how much it is to repair/replace?
  6. Map

    Have been using the navigation with no problems up until a few weeks ago!! We went to one location and all was fine we went a second time and it seemed to send us a completely different way and not making sense!! Thought not too much of it but have noticed that everywhere we put in it is coming up with weird routes!! Even when we where around the corner punched in home and it was giving us the completely wrong route!! Would end up in the right place eventually!! Any ideas would be much appreciated, we have not changed any settings!!
  7. New Key

    Never did find the key so ordering one from dealer!! Need to take in V5 and Driving Licence then takes about 5 days to come in then will need to book the car in for the key to get programmed!!! All for £250!!
  8. New Front Tyres

    I need to get 2 new front tyres, done 17,000 miles, I wanted people's recommendations and what replacement tyre I should go for, should I go with what already on there? Continental Conti Sport Contact 5 225/45/R19 W
  9. New Key

    Somehow we have lost our spare key to the car!!! Can anyone recommend the best route to go to get a replacement, Renault garage want almost £250!!
  10. Time for New Tyres

    Looking at getting two new front tyres, what is the best price people have been getting the current Continentals that on the car for? Is it worth going for a different make?
  11. Tom Tom Voices

    I was wondering if you can change voices of the Tom Tom apart from Women and Man? When we had a not build in Tom Tom we had Darth Vadar and Homer1
  12. Automatic Headlights

    The warning "check automatic headlights" as come up on the dashboard, what is causing this?
  13. Bright White Headlights

    H7? Is that right? Did I need 2 or 4?
  14. Bright White Headlights

    What make ref do I need to get?
  15. Bright White Headlights

    Are these easy to ft?