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  1. Leasing a Kadjar?

    Hi everyone Really interested in the Kadjar and am thinking of getting one but leasing instead of buying. Wondering if anyone is leasing theirs too? i have to sell my current car which we have a bank loan on. Also looking at the PCP option. If i were to part ex my car through a renault dealer against a kadjar and they gave me what i owe on my car would it still count as a deposit on the kadjar? sorry for all the questions! Thank you in advance
  2. passenger space on the back seats?

    arghh that's annoying seeing as its advertised as a family car. may have to wait till my 11 year olds are no longer needing booster seats.
  3. passenger space on the back seats?

    i obviously am aware that its not a people carrier. all i was curious is that the middle seat would be suitable for a child to sit in. i have 2 nearly 11 year olds in booster seats and a 5 year old in a high back booster.
  4. passenger space on the back seats?

    I had read on a review of this car that 3 adults would fit in the back. will have a look and test the seats out
  5. Hey everyone Another question from me! i currently have a kia carens which has 3 full seats in the back. What does everyone think of the space in the rear of the kadjar? is it roomy enough for 3 booster seats? I am planning on going to have a proper look at one soon. Thanks
  6. Which trim would you recommend? is it worth getting the sig nav trim? thanks