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  1. Owners Pride :-)

  2. This place is called Hellfire Pass in Wales (as ulfire said its near by snowdonia). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bwlch_y_Groes Very beautiful. I drove from Bala lake to Dinas Mawddwy. Here is the second part
  3. On Kadjar

    To John O Groats on Kadjar
  4. Owners Pride :-)

    This beauty tackled it very well. Will post actual video link of climbing up hell fire pass soon.
  5. Recommendation for pressure washer?

    Thank you!
  6. As I have a White horse, I am considering buying a pressure washer. Could someone using it currently, recommend one? On a different note, looks like White is still going strong in the UK https://www.smmt.co.uk/2017/01/white-remains-uks-favourite-new-car-colour-but-buyers-heading-back-to-black/top-10-car-colours/
  7. I Love it!

    Its a default free white i.e. (-£500). I had doubts but its panoramic roof (kind of blackish), black tyres looks good with white. Besides after taking the delivery someone told me that White is the new black ...whatever that may mean..:-) (White seem to be the Fashion these days). So no regrets.
  8. I Love it!

    Got my Signature S Nav Kadjar after a 2 month wait. Ordered in May and were told to expect it by Aug/Sep. But received it much sooner. Driving feels so good. Giving it a score of 99% instead of 100% due electronic break not automatically invoked when waiting at signals.
  9. Tyre Pressure

    Hi, I got my Kadjar S Nav a month ago and would like to know what is the suitable tyre pressure for front and back? Most of the time I travel with 3 people in total and occasionally 5. thanks