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  1. Proposed starting a new forum

    As some of you know we are having problems with getting in touch with our administrator. I am now the only moderator on the site and I am trying to keep things ticking over, but there are signs of cracks that admin would take care of, starting to appear. The site is now working well, very little spam or membership arguments. The site has over 4700 members and since we put in the requirement to become a member to read the post things have improved. Now to the point of this post, we have an offer from another administrator who has several motoring sites at the moment, they are offering to move the site to their hosting and maintain it. Now to get that to happen we need to get in touch with motormouth, only he can authorise the move, well you know the trouble we having. The only other option is to start afresh, this will be the last option as we will lose everything, members, posts the lot. Now we need your thoughts and opinions on what you want. Keep the forum going in the hope admin turn up? Wait for the site to crash or expire in several months, we lose everything gone. Open a new site with new admin and post on every topic the reason we are moving and a link to the new site. We need to do this soon to take advantage of the hosting we have left. YOUR OPINION MATTERS SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW BY POST OR PM Shedder101
  2. Proposed starting a new forum

    every ave has been looked into regarding the present Admin to contact him, so i have tried as for the last site move over, the two admins where available to port over the site, this time it will not be as easy we will lose everything and have to set up the forum topics again
  3. Proposed starting a new forum

    send me a pm with the access details if you would
  4. Proposed starting a new forum

    that would be the only way if we move
  5. Polish's, Wax's, Whats your choice ?

    best i have found is Auto glym wet wax wash the car, rinse off spray wax wipe with a microfiber cloth, do every panel as if your drying off, glass plastic don't mater then when you have finished buff of with a clean cloth, sun overcast it matters not a jot even in the winter Whole car done waxed in less than 45 mins lasts a good six months i find resin wax a little abrasive its good on older paintwork but modern paints and finishes needs new waxes. never take t cut to a new car clear coat it will strip and allow moisture through
  6. No more Xenophobic posts please

    H Guys i would rather it was reported as i can do something about it then. thanks though for trying to keep the amount of work down
  7. AIR CON

    has anyone checked to see if the vents are open ?
  8. Job Vacancy Moderator required.

    why not its open to everyone
  9. Job Vacancy Moderator required.

    Moderator required As some know Kug the old mod has flown to the griffin and become Astra Man. This leaves a vacancy for a new moderator. We are looking for the following Someone who will work for free Someone who can offer a fair judgment on reported posts Someone who doesn’t mind there inbox filling up if spam is reported Blocking new spammers Warning members Adjudication on approval post Have I said work for free? Don’t worry about not knowing the software, its pretty simple you will get new access to posts and member’s information, so discretion is required and I will be on hand to put right anything that goes wrong If you are interested drop me a personal message with a note of why you could make a good moderator Shedder101
  10. Faulty alarm

    i used to fit alarm systems third party on cars and most often the false alarm is caused by the internal sensors, dose the alarm bleep when you switch off? count them they can tell you what triggered it. also common for false alarms are bonnet swich low battery and believe it or not domestic microwave ovens, or a similar device activating the proximity sensor as its a cat1 alarm the alarm has an internal backup battery, this is also a potential fault hope this helps
  11. this post has been approved by moderators but we have know idea what problems if any this can cause. UNDERTAKE THIS AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION WE TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT
  12. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    when MM gets in touch i will ask him if it can be done
  13. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    no idea Turboted its all dependant on software they use, i personally like the posts numbered so its easy to refer to a post number when you reply as for MM, we havent herd from him, well i haven't for a bit he will turn up eventually.
  14. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    Kug are you sure MM wasnt a figment of our imagination ?
  15. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    no turboted its any editing done on a post that triggers it dont quote lol
  16. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    found out why stop editing the posts as you quote the other person then edit your text the system thinks you could have edited the quoted text BONG we mods have to approve it. now we dont mind, its our job but it bloody annoying, we have to read all the quoted post to the original see if its been edited just stop quoting the other post , mention it in your post fine , quote the post but don't edit your text after its posted this message has been brought to you by moderators in crisis " we keep them under control" pass the medication
  17. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    can someone tell me why i am having to approve some posts on this thread ?
  18. Brochure for January 2017

    for some reason its not available to view on my account ,,, strange
  19. Brochure for January 2017

    unable to download pdf John please re list
  20. New car??

    i am sorry to say only in the USA can you complain a car is older than stated you cant buy a 2018 car made in 2017 its sold as the old model, hence the mega sales towards the end of the year to clear stock. in the UK and europe a cars age is denoted by the registration plate, ( when its first registered ), it doesn't mater when it was built. Way back British Leyland had fields full of unregistered cars up to the wheels in water rotting away and they were all sold as New , again from the reg number. is it fair? well no but car mfg getaway with it over here so they dont give a oss then there is the lemon law .......
  21. is it so important you cant see the indicator on the car coming towards you? just the lights show you they are their i don't care if i see them, i won't move till i see them turn its to easy to forget to turn them off
  22. you defo know how to cheer a bloke up turboted, we could live in hope that british sanity will prevail again Turboted ever thought of a job the samaritans.....
  23. why we have daytime lights Bloody Europe thats why thank god for brexit and whos noticed the fog light turns on in the direction your turning when the lights are on. my friends kaj was coming down the road he swerved to miss a obstacle first the right then the left flashed looked like a xmas tree
  24. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    the reasons to get the kadjar good looking good driving position with space for 4 good size boot , i think one of the biggest in its class innovative dash board with multi function automatic is seamless driving the kaj in rush hour traffic very easy. country lane runs, nice good road holding with quite firm suspension so very little roll very good air quality inside no smells from trafic quiet diesel engine even if its the worst polluter in its class round town mpg , mines avg is 45+ all stop start and hilly area overall mine has been reliable now seeing more kaj on the road so must be popular hope that helps turboted
  25. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    sorry turboted that could have been me trying to tidy up your thread, as you had quoted the other member twice, again its not necessary to quote other members post all the time it makes the thread hard to follow and longer than it needs to be. a simple like would suffice as we are all i think able to follow members drift in the thread