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  1. Warranty issue?

    first thing they will say its been done by a pressure washer so its your own fault. please state the handbook does not state not to wash wheels with a pressure washer then its a defective coating and there fault they should order a new wheel. had something similar with honda
  2. Tire Pressure Warnings

    sorry have to disagree with that, nitrogen is less dense, where air will eventually leak out of the tyre nitrogen wont, also you dont get the pressure fluctuation as you do with normal air, thats why its used in F1 and other sport when you need to keep the same pressure hot or cold
  3. Tire Pressure Warnings

    i have done long trips and yes tire pressures increase a slight amount nos .4 bar also on new cars they are mostly filled with nitrogen that doesnt move at all
  4. Tire Pressure Warnings

    it was, also when topping up the tire with my compressor it showed in real time the pressure increasing to 2.3bar and tha what was on my compressor as well
  5. Tire Pressure Warnings

    i did try that, i am a bugger for ignoring stupid warnings, had done a 6 mile trip some at 40 mph and they still showed the same pressure
  6. Tire Pressure Warnings

    could well be the cold, never gave i a thought , but both fronts were showing 1.9 bar from my tire pressure gauge not the one on the car. but they look to be quite accurate
  7. Hi all had a peculiar dash warning this morning, Low Tyre Pressure. I have had it before when a rear tyre showed low pressure it dropped to 1.9bar topped it up , the end. today same warning popped up i thought it could be the rear again but no, both fronts showing 1.9bar when i last looked they were 2.3 N/S/R showing 2.0 O/S/F 2.2 where i left it a couple of months ago. i topped them all to the correct pressure, I will have to keep an eye on them, checked all the tyres for screws etc. has anyone else had sudden pressure drop
  8. i happen to be a very good driver and have the driving thing that pops up at the end all 5 star and 87 /100. i live in a hilly area and god hates me, as i seem to go up more hills than i go down. my problem is i am a baby, i like the car warm so waiting for the wife i tend to leave it ticking over always have MPG has never been a factor when buying a car with me if that was the case i would go by public transport, i some times think taxis could be cheaper
  9. it doesnt bother me to much as i do less miles now than a snail on speed as for the future i have about 20 months left on the kadjar and then it will be gone, As for its replacement, definitely won't be a diesel i hate the smell of it and the rash if i don't wear gloves when refueling, so the less i do the less i have to put in it. i will be going hybrid, with plug in if possible like the mitsubishi PHEV or similar by then there should be more vehicles available, will be the same size as the kadjar, looking at the mobility web site on cars coming up so we will see then
  10. cold weather factor in more traffic and i still say it was re-mapped and my mpg is down to 39.2 mpg this time last year it was 45+ . ok no long journeys at the moment and lods of local runs i expect the drop, but it still down, and they still say the isn't a remap in place
  11. cabin pollen filer

    Couldn't Nissan make that filter removal a bit harder ?
  12. remote locking (Tanker)

    mine is a september 2016 model and it hasn't if your on mobility mine was £499 advance payment, they then shot up to £699 that was when the auto lock and mirrors arrived , that was for nov deliveries
  13. Kadjar 66 plate 1.5 dynamique diesel

    you can find the post at .... hope it helps Kadjar Annoyances in Kadjar General Discussions
  14. Kadjar 66 plate 1.5 dynamique diesel

    could this be the batch of batteries that just die. i thought i had one and it turned out to be a wire loose on the alternator. there are post about it on the site people who just find a new car with the battery gone. The RAC man new all about them when he came to me
  15. Welcome, i would be taking it back to the dealer, it should not stail the engine in stop start and i have never had that on my auto and i don't remember anyone bringing up that before.