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  1. 3700 miles & oil top up!

    Probably didnt , but strange how it came on near enough straight after they were near it .
  2. 3700 miles & oil top up!

    Havent checked yet to dark will check in the morning but I would hope they wouldnt be that stupid but you never know lol . Was bugging me just checked cap on
  3. 3700 miles & oil top up!

    No its a 1.5 diesel . Never had any bother with anything ,besides 1 recall . Then take it in yesterday ,24 hours later oil warning light . Dont think they changed the oil just checked it and made sure it was full.
  4. 3700 miles & oil top up!

    Dont do high mileages with it. Its the wifes car . Thats what was done in a year, so its the year not the mileage
  5. 3700 miles & oil top up!

    Heres a twist on the oil top up light . Never had the light on ,car has done just over 5000 miles. Took it yesterday for its first service . Brought it home and drove to Edinburgh today , probably around 50 miles since it left the garage . Oil light just came on telling me to top up oil . Cant check just now so will check in the morning for level . Very confused they didnt change the oil but if it had dropped they were supposed to have topped it up . Phone call tomorrow I think.
  6. Fog lights

    Probably is, just wasn't expecting it.First time I've seen it. lol
  7. Fog lights

    Thank God for that, thougt I was going mad (madder) problem solved ,couldnt see it in the manual or maybe looked in the wrong section. Thanks for the info.
  8. Fog lights

    I have either developed a fault or this is something I don't know about . While parked in front of a shop today I noticed the lights reflecting on the glass .As I turned the steering the fog light in that direction came on. Got home and got my son to watch as I went around the roundabout outside my house .It does it even if the car is moving but not in a straight line.Wondering if I have a short in the wiring,I don't know if it does it at speed.I will be onto them tomorrow if its a fault.
  9. Must say I like the phone system. After 3 years of argung with the speech recognition of my Sportage and let me tell you an irate Scot is even harder to understand lol ,also having to call "Home" "Hume" didnt help . The Kadjar is a breath of fresh air , if it doesn't understand you it just give you a number to say. Maybe it not new to previous Renault owners but my last one was a 96 Laguna.
  10. I will check the eco button as the salesman was pressing buttons to show me things but I think it ismore the adapting to a new car. Probably more my problem than the cars
  11. Collected my Signature today, comos blue.Really impressed sofar. Only thing I notice is lack of acceleration in the 1.5 but I think thats just me as I have been driving a 1.7 Sportage and it will take a little getting used to ,but really like it.
  12. Delivery dates?

    Mine has taken about 3 weeks , but according to the garage they have no control how long it takes.Hope this helps .
  13. Delivery dates?

    Must be just Paisley , Im getting my Signature on Friday and it was ordered end of July and haven't seen one on the road yet
  14. Who has ordered one?

    Got a phone call this afternoon , pickup the car next Friday.
  15. Rugby Thoughts

    As a Scot as long as the Aussies dont win I will be happy