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  1. Door lock/unlock button

    I’ve not replaced the button but I’m sure they are available on eBay. I put LEDs in the handles. Are you sure it’s the button, if the car can’t see the card it won’t work, like JC says if the the card has a low battery it becomes intermittent. Also if it’s close to a mobile phone this can sometimes swamp the signal. it should be covered under warranty as JC said as well.
  2. Door lock/unlock button

    Pretty easy to get off, there might be enough cable on it to pulloutof the hole, otherwisethe door card/interior trim will have to come off
  3. On the tailgate or on the tailgate opening there are adjustment rubber bumpers, one on either side, it’s a case of adjusting up and down both sides to get the tailgate to sit right, this in conjunction with the latch adjustment some it isn’t over tightening to strain. It’s a bit like firing any panel again, alignment etc. The dash switch illumination is controlled if the vehicle can, I suppose they have done it like this to prevent distraction although it wouldn’t in this case it may do on other vehicles as it’s a generic control ecu. Two options for your power, 1 run back to the power pickup in the footwell. 2 splice into the power line in the rear, the one you have run in. of course don’t forget to use an inline fuse in either case at the source and fuse appropriately to protect the cable. A lot of accessories come with fuses/ holders but are inappropriately sited.
  4. Possible it’s a faulty sensor under the seat. They have a pad/switch which makes contact to alert that someone’s in the seat. So it could happen if you are chucking your sandwiches on the back seat!
  5. tuning box

    I’d rather have a remap, I’ve had boxes in the past and couldn’t see any difference. Then again I had my Megane remapped, made it much more responsive. Just made sure when it went for service, I asked for no engine and gearbox updates. Extactly what I do now on the Kadjar.
  6. Wing Mirrors

    I wouldn’t worry, the mirrors are very reliable, automatic in and out. Should outlast me he car.
  7. They don’t need to be canbus capable, there’s no bulb out warning on the kadjar
  8. Reversing camera

    There’s a thread somewhere if you search for it, shows how I started installing and where to find the Oe wires that are in the tailgate
  9. You are absolutely right, having installed LEDs into my switch cups and door handle cups inside and out. I stil wanted to do something else. Before I saw the aftermarket switches on AliExpress, I thought about installing an led in the door handle above the switches in the part where the mirror control is. its sought of concealed above the switches so it would work like a down lighter
  10. Apple car play

    Have a look at the firmware version of the r link 2 if it’s 2.2.x.x it won’t have it. Only hardware with firmware 3.3.x.x has the capability of running it
  11. Updating from to

    No it’s up to which can be self down loaded and installed for 17 or 18 firmware versions
  12. Yes there are just be carefully you get decent cob Cree LEDs,
  13. Reversing camera

    Grief mine cost me £20 fitted it myself coded it myself. Being into my dealer for a service and the techs were quite impressed with the mods