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  1. Towbar Electrics

    It’s basically a link in the plug that puts a ground back down the line so if the adapter hasn’t got it, it won’t work
  2. Towbar Electrics

    The genuine loom plugs in the sensor loom underneath the bumper N/S along with other interceptions for the lights etc. on a 13 pin socket there’s a link that’s made and this sends a signal to the vehicle ecu which puts a message on the dash. However to make this work the ECU needs to be programmed via the dealer or with the Renault Clip diagnostics system
  3. Yes it is lit by a very dim bulb with a cover on, it’s that dim you can’t see it. unless you put another one in! IMG_1951.MOV
  4. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    Mitsubishi are already in partnership with Renault Nissan, I can’t remember who owns what but it’s a big group, Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Aliance 2022 already planning a flying car, maybe!
  5. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    Apparently they are looking at banning hybrids that offer less then 50 per charge from 2040!
  6. Interior light fuse

    Sorry only just seen this, no I’ve left the glove box in but can’t get my hand in either to replace the top 10A OE fuse. I could, just get a mini fuse in though, main as there is something to get hold of. There is another fuse associated with the interior lights in one of the rows, I’ve mangaged to take out the two plus the one I put in for my puddle lights which happened to be not so waterproof then I thought!
  7. Day light robbery, I was going to say robbing bastards but didn’t think it was appropriate. should be able to put new pads in as well for that kind of money
  8. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    Nah that’ll be going backwards, Nissan technology!
  9. fuse box

    Fuse box is on the n/s under the air intake duct
  10. Reverse lights LED

    In fact some guy on eBay has nicked my picture
  11. Reverse lights LED

    Still got them in mine
  12. Can’t see it myself, just be caps on. Theres not any on the Bose system as far as I can work out it’s done at the amp under the drivers seat (bose edition)
  13. Recently put a 360 parking camera kit on mine, built in recorder 4 camera system. Used the same rear camera from my rlink and displayed it in my rear view mirror. image displays while indicating or reverse, when out of reverse switches to front camera for 10 secs, adjustable then goes off
  14. Looks good complete kit with no loading problems