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  1. fuse box

    Fuse box is on the n/s under the air intake duct
  2. Reverse lights LED

    In fact some guy on eBay has nicked my picture
  3. Reverse lights LED

    Still got them in mine
  4. Day time running light settings

    Yes I agree with you, I was too harsh and I’d like to apologise to Robgcoll for landing that comment as a reply, just not me. I try to help folk, like I do every day I’m at work. I’ve even been to owners places to help fit things, run a few cables etc.
  5. Day time running light settings

    With all due respect, as well, all my mods that I have done ‘how tos’ for are tried and tested. Edited my comment out, it’s not really relevant to know who or what I work with.
  6. Day time running light settings

    Edited the comment out as I thought I was a bit harsh. And it was a fair point.
  7. Can’t see it myself, just be caps on. Theres not any on the Bose system as far as I can work out it’s done at the amp under the drivers seat (bose edition)
  8. Day time running light settings

    It involves running an ignition power feed to the back of the vehicle. Cutting the sidelight feed at the light installing a couple of diodes at each light, not forgetting the tailgate lights so a power feed needs to run into the tailgate
  9. Don’t know if there’s any wiring already in the dymanique. The cover will come of easy around the mirror mount so you could have a look. from what I remember it’s a multi way connector but I’m sure it will only need an ignition fed power supply. I took mine out of the signature and replaced it with the same looking functioning auto dim dip with a video monitor in it
  10. Day time running light settings

    I’ve modded mine so the back lights are on during the day!
  11. Recently put a 360 parking camera kit on mine, built in recorder 4 camera system. Used the same rear camera from my rlink and displayed it in my rear view mirror. image displays while indicating or reverse, when out of reverse switches to front camera for 10 secs, adjustable then goes off
  12. Looks good complete kit with no loading problems
  13. battery

    No problems when disconnecting the battery, did mine while I was testing for rlink camera conections just to avoid damage. Just make sure when the connection goes back on that its tighten otherwise it throws all sorts of messages at you
  14. Engine Failure hazard

    Power problem, check battery connections, might not have tightened a power connection correctly