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  1. Mileage before service With the ignition switched on, the engine not running and the display set to “Service Intervals”, press button OK for approximately 5 seconds to display the mileage before service (distance or time to the next service). When the range approaches its limit, there are several possible scenarios: – distance/time remaining less than 900 miles (1,500 km) or one month: the message “Service due in” is displayed along with the nearest limit (distance or time); – range equal to 0 km/miles or service date reached: the message “Service required” is displayed accompanied by warning light ©. The vehicle requires a service as soon as possible. Resetting: to reset the distance before service, press and hold button 2 for approximately 10 seconds until the display shows the mileage permanently.
  2. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    See what you're saying could end up with the 3 brass monkeys treatment or maybe add a 4th monkey ...see nothing , say nothing , hear nothing and wouldn't do anything about it anyway ....some may say it's already here but I wouldn't dream of it
  3. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    Mitsubishi ? I would have thought the Mazda Sky Activ X would have been a better option
  4. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    I'd read that too . By that time my car will be gone ,most likely me too and maybe all of us . Also The battery technology will have moved on a lot by then . The plug in version of my car presently has a 29 mile EV range , 21 mile increase in 22 years shouldn't be a problem
  5. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    Same here . The Scenic Hybrid Assist did cross my mind even though I'd lost faith in Renault , I really loved my Scenics . My present car is capable of driving in EV only mode for several miles dependant on gradient and engine temperature . I lost about 30 litres of boot space to the Kadjar , which was no problem for my usage . Also , I wasn't totally convinced about the higher driving position on the Kadjar . I find it just as good on a fastback styling as with the Kadjar in fact better for parking , especially with rear camera throughout the range .
  6. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    Not surprised , didn't do enough to convince me ( and many others I suspect )
  7. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    All I can comment on that Ted is that ,in my case , the engine delivers 106 bhp and the electric motor brings it up to 149 bhp when required , So I suppose the answer is yes , as long as as Renault do it properly ( what am I saying )
  8. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    So's global domination by oligarchs ( oh no !!! that's already here )
  9. Is it diesel or petrol ? If diesel it could be a clogged DPF or it could be a false warning . I had a 1.5Dci Scenic which gave me that message . Diagnostics indicated a faulty injector or DPF . I had the injector changed on warranty ( the last day of warranty...phew ) , a month later it came up again . Turned out to be a duff battery , even though it gave no problems starting or driving . Maybe worth having it tested ?
  10. 1.2 TCE EDC

    Fair enough for a diesel , but the OP is driving a 1.2 petrol . Efficient as it is , that's a lot of weight to pull around for that size engine
  11. 1.2 TCE EDC

    Should improve on that journey . The Kadjar is not really a " knock about town " kind of car .
  12. Tried the voting ...didn't work for me
  13. More on the roads

    Yes , my wife made that observation yesterday . I see at least ten every day around my way . Different picture to when I had one 2015-2016 .They were like rocking horse pooh then . And yes, it is a lovely car to drive
  14. Qashqai wheels fitted

    I don't think a TPM emulator would be legal in the UK , instant MOT failure
  15. france

    Nice mod, the cannon ...come in useful up the Gurnos
  16. New Tyres

    Fair enough but they were no problem at all handled as well , if not better , quieter , better ride and better wear than Contis . I understand where you're coming from though
  17. New Tyres

    I had Delinte for £80 a corner . Definitely better value than the Conti's
  18. Glacier White = 369 Mercury = D69 Dune = HNP Titanium = KPN Diamond Black = GNE Cosmos Blue = RPR Arctic White = QNC Flame Red = NNP
  19. It powers down with the ignition ..if I remember
  20. AIR CON

    They do tend to mist up easily , I found a dehumidifier best . No creaking and moaning though
  21. Faulty alarm

    True , and shows their tardiness in getting most issues resolved . On another note I hear that Renault and Nissan are merging and possibly changing the brand name . Does this mean that the QQ or KJ will disappear in the future ?
  22. Faulty alarm

    Can't believe there are still problems with the alarm . First arose September 2015 which resulted in jactac rejecting his Kadjar
  23. How does the lift kit affect future MOTs ?