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  1. Good bye Kadjar!

    Isn't the Ateca somewhat cheaper too ?
  2. RLink

    Not heard of that message . Have you tried a reset ? ( hold power button in for 10 seconds or more until the R Link reboots ) . If that doesn't work maybe disconnect the battery for a couple of minutes and reconnect . If neither works it's one for the dealer methinks .
  3. Average mpg

    My 1.5Dci dropped by about 5 mpg after the first service . There is a thread here ....somewhere
  4. Probably a flat battery is most likely . Best have the battery checked anyway . Can't see any reason why you can't jump start it
  5. Active emergency brakingHi

    I've got AEB and it's only come on once when somebody cut me up up badly . As HTP99 says , it was in an actual emergency situation . Other than that , it's never come on . Can't really see how you can test it other than driving at a brick wall and wait , it's not for the faint hearted though
  6. Koleos

    Hard to answer that one . I think it has R Link 2 software version 3xxx . I haven't really seen any complaints on the forum on that version of R Link ,so it should be OK . I had no problem with the Kadjar as far as driving or build issues goes ( though some have ) ,so it should be OK on that score . Probably better for towing caravans etc as I believe you do ,so that's a plus. Renault do build good cars so the car should be OK . Can you get a test drive to judge for yourself ? On a personal level , I don't need a car of that size , I want to reduce emissions not increase them ( and save money in the process so I'm not being a true ECO warrior there ) . The main factor for me is that it would mean dealing with Renault again . That , for me , is a no no .
  7. Newbie!

    Probably correct . For sheer practicality the Scenic beats the Kadjar hands down .
  8. kadjar Petrol MPG

    Not driving it fast enough ? .Probably true it should improve after a thousand miles though . The problem with that is if it doesn't improve it may be too late to reject it if it turns out to be a fault" RUNNING IN Petrol version For the first 600 miles (1,000 km), do not exceed 78 mph (130 km/h) in the highest gear, or 3,000 to 3,500 rpm. You may only expect top performance from your vehicle after approximately 1,800 miles (3,000 km)."
  9. Winter tyre pressure

    Tyre pressure should be exactly the same when cold
  10. kadjar Petrol MPG

    22 mpg does seem a little low . Are you doing lots of short journeys ? Do you live in a hilly area ? As far as the Renault guys go 42 to 50 mpg ? , they're having a laugh . As johnbridge says above high riding cars have the drag coefficient of a brick ,so 50 mpg is pretty unrealistic . My diesel Kadjar only averaged about 55 mpg
  11. ICE - DAB Radio text.

    Change car manufacturer
  12. Tire Pressure Warnings

    Agree regarding the pressure fluctuation , that's why I said it's important for airplanes and , as you say , F1 where the tyres take a hammering . Not so sure about cars though , I haven't needed to put air in mine for a year apart from a puncture
  13. Tire Pressure Warnings

    Mine normally warm from 36 psi cold to 42 psi when warm ,which is normal . I Don't use nitrogen it's a con ,good for airplane wheels but very little impact on cars
  14. Tire Pressure Warnings

    What I found with the tyre pressure warning was that it would remain on until I turned the engine off and back on so that it could sample again . There's no way that the pressure should be the same after 6 miles .
  15. Tire Pressure Warnings

    The gauge would show 1.9 bar because the tyre pressure is that low in sub zero temperatures . Drive a mile or two and they will show normally again because the air in the tyre has been heated up by friction .