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  1. LED headlights

    That's why I didn't take the Heads of the Valleys road to Birmingham ...just as well . The mountain roads were closed out of the Rhondda anyway but it only takes 3 or 4 flakes for them to do that these days ....softies
  2. Nothing subliminal Ted ...just the facts
  3. Got it in one again...can't get anything passed you Ted
  4. LED headlights

    What part of the Welsh Valleys ? Dowlais ? Nowhere near 30cm of snow in this Welsh valley , drove to Birmingham and back ...no problem ...not disbelieving you , I know from experience the changes from one town to the next around here
  5. All I can say is that on mine the indicators are nowhere near the DRLs
  6. When I saw a bus looming up on me out of the mists on the Brecon Beacons with no lights on , believe me indicators didn't mean much ....
  7. I think Sweden was the first to use them in the 1970's . I think they are pretty sensible given that many drivers don't even bother to switch on their sidelights in poor daytime visibility situations . The alternating / cornering fog lights can be a pain though , very confusing for oncoming traffic at times
  8. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    Pretty much agree with most of what shedder wrote . As far as boot space goes , I preferred the Scenic ...really practical and clever design as far as storage goes including rear seat removal to create a huge cargo space That's not meant as a criticism of the Kadjar , only the facts ma'am
  9. Can't remember to be honest , I haven't had the car for 15 months
  10. New car??

    Did the salesperson tell you it would have CarPlay ? ..in that case you may have a case for missale .
  11. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    "What amazes me on this forum is the number of petty grievances that owners come up with mainly in relation to R link. " When I buy anything , leave alone a £23000 plus car , I expect everything to work as described and receive competent support from the manufacturer . So I can't really call a dysfunctional R Link with no map updates ,as promised , petty
  12. R-Link Download Manager mystery

    Is it a new Kadjar ? If it is used maybe the R Link was changed at some time ,hence the HUID and VIN not matching from their factory records

    Maybe the MKIV Scenic ?
  14. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    Pretty much my experience .Only build quality issue was a rattling glovebox which was easily resolved . Would the R Link deter me from buying another ?...no . Would Renault's inability or unwillingness to resolve the issues in a timely manner ?....yes . Personally I just lost faith in Renault's lack of knowledge ( maybe just lies and BS ? ) As far as Shedder's point on depreciation ...I was offered as low as £11,000 for my 2015 1.5Dci in November 2016 at 13 months old with about 9500 on the clock
  15. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    Where has you're reason to buy post gone ? .....I definitely saw it . I agree with you're summation , mechanically the car is excellent , R Link is a bit flaky ( but that wouldn't stop me buying another ) . Basically I wouldn't buy another Renault again because their after sales services sucks...in my experience . So I guess that answers you "Would you buy another "... if it was there