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  1. Dash Camera?

    Wow! There's been some amazing suggestions on here and don't think that I don't appreciate it. I got some advice the other day from a friend who is a professional driver, covers thousands of miles weekly for his work, and he said don't pay for top of the range, or bottom of the range. A middle range unit with good night vision and a loop record will be great. I can't fit a camera unit front and rear because I only have the car on a three year lease. So I will probably go for a unit that I can remove each time I vacate the car ... something that is small enough to fit in my pocket/bag. Anyone on here with such a camera unit please let me know. gael
  2. Dash Camera?

    Thanks for the reply ... what make is yours? Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  3. Dash Camera?

    With the multitude and increasing RTA's the need for positive evidence is becoming essential in the case of 'blame'. I have been advised to get myself a dash-cam to add to my armoury of such an incidence occurring. I have absolutely no experience with dash-cam's and after making tentative enquiries (shops just want to flog off old models that they have on offer) I have discovered there are very cheap ones and very expensive 'all singing and dancing' ones. I was hoping that some of you guys have a dash-cam and could give me some advice before I make a fool of myself and buy a piece of kit that is of no use whatsoever. So, any advice will be welcome, Thanks, gael
  4. Sat Nav Post Code

    Hi AGH55, I've had my Kadjar for 18+ months and the SatNav has proven hit & miss over that time. My subscription has elapsed and there is no chance of me renewing it. I have to say that for a car of it's (supposed) quality, I am very disappointed. I have this car on a 3 year fixed lease and I cannot wait for the time to pass and I can offload this awful vehicle. I've happily been with Renault for several years and this is my 4th car. Whether I will stay with them is food for thought, but at the moment I am deeply unhappy with this model. As to the SatNav, in my opinion it is probably the worst on any car I have ever had, and I have had plenty. gael.
  5. Wind noise when driving

    I've had my Kadjar for over 15 months now, it's been in the workshop several times for the wind noise problem and it still persists. As my car is on a 3 year lease, I am reluctant to attempt any modifications in fear I may break some agreement legality. I've all but given up with asking Renault for a fix ... but one thing is for sure, I will be moving away from Renault when I lease my next car. Any suggestions?
  6. Kadjar Sighting Game

    Ha-Ha! I meant it is most commonly seen, although it could also be a more favourable colour for the majority of Kadjar drivers.
  7. Kadjar Sighting Game

    Seen about 10 or 12 around Glasgow. Red seems to be the most common colour, saw a few blue, a couple of black, a greyish and a white one.
  8. Wind noise when driving

    Thanks, I'll give it a go gael
  9. Wind noise when driving

    Thanks Maxj, that's very helpful Tell me where did you buy the tape and what's it called? It looks like it does the job. I'm willing to try anything. gael
  10. Wind noise when driving

    Maxj, can you take a couple of photos of your drivers window fix so that we can see what you have done? I ask because I am interested gael
  11. Wind noise when driving

    As some of you are aware, I have had this ongoing problem for over 12 months. Eventually and reluctantly I gave up. There probably is a problem with the drivers window seal, naturally the workshop disagree, and so because my car is on a 3 year lease I will leave it and change cars when the lease runs out. I think it's really sad that a car made by one of the leading manufacturers in the world could release a car on the public with so many problems. The tech side of the car is rubbish, R-Link is iffy, not all buttons within the cab are lit making pressing buttons in the dark 'hit and miss'. Wind noise and water leaking into the boot (now fixed) should never happen on a new car. On the plus side, it is a nice car to drive, good all round vision. But, having said that, this car is not worth the hype that came with it's release. Definitely a change of car for me. gael
  12. Kadjar Sighting Game

    Here in Glasgow I have recently seen several of various colours. Yesterday, I was talking to a guy in the supermarket carpark who was sat in his grey coloured Kadjar and I asked him what he thought of it. He liked it. He said everything appeared to function as expected and the car was a good runner, economical and comfortable. I asked if he had noticed any excessive wind noise and he answered that he hadn't. The most common colour here in Scotland is perhaps blue like the Saltire (not surprising really). gael.
  13. Anti- Slip Facility

    Thanks for the explanations guys, that answers the question. [emoji5] Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  14. This may sound like a daft question, but on my older Scenic there was a button to press that brought the anti-slip facility into action. Very handy on slippery hills etc. Does the Kadjar have something similar, because I cannot find the button that my early Scenic had and we're expecting heavy snow? gael.
  15. Wind noise when driving

    My car also has a glass roof but that is definitely not the problem. Looking carefully at the windscreen, I conclude that it looks just fine. Whatever it is that is causing the wind noise I have decided to leave it simply because I am frustrated by the lack of results from the workshop. I have another two years on the lease and then it will no longer be my problem. I may go back to the Scenic or I may choose a completely new dealer.