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    Assuming you have Auto Handbrake, I would contact Renault Customer Service for their comments. As you have no control over how the handbrake operates you can have no responsibility for premature wear. If they try to claim that such wear is a feature of auto handbrakes I seem to recall a court ruling along the lines of a feature has to be present across a range of vehicles and be of benefit to the owner. Good Luck.
  2. Air Conditioning Display

    As I understand it the symbol tells you that the air-con system will decide for itself if air recirculation is needed or not. It is usually displayed when the air con is in Auto mode.
  3. There has been much discussion on here about the absence of the gear change quadrant lighting on Kadjars, some want it, some don't see the point and one member has found a bulb under the quadrant which doesn't light it. Anyway last night wife and I were going out, I was driving for a change, and was about to select reverse to back out of our drive when I was had to stop. "Look at that" I told the wife pointing to the quadrant. "It's lit up" she says in surprise. I had to turn the lights off to confirm what we were seeing. It's the first time in 16 months of ownership we have noticed this. The only thing I've done recently is to upgrade the RLink firmware to the latest version. It can't be that can it? I also noticed that the switches for Speed Limiter and Cruise Control were also lit. Where they before? I can't really remember. This car never stops surprising me. (I wish it would).
  4. daytime lights fault

    The quote from the Gov UK website I posted was from a document issued in 2010. If your rear lights are on when your drl's are on I would suggest you may have a fault. Whether or not to involve the experts from Renault is entirely up to you.
  5. daytime lights fault

    Just been out to check ours (Uk spec 2016 model). In daylight, lights on auto. Unlock car - front drl's and and rear lights on. Start car - front drl's on, rear lights off. From UK Gov website, "DRL activate automatically when the engine is started and remain on unless the headlamps are switched on. They may however remain off in some low speed and stationary situations. In general all other lights should remain off when the DRL are on but for a limited period some vehicles may be available which automatically activate the rear position lamps at the same time as the DRL."
  6. daytime lights fault

    I think you'll find that DRL's (Daylight/Daytime Running Lights) only operate on the front. The reason they don't operate on the rear is to avoid masking brake lights, the same reason modern cars now only have one rear fog light. I suspect that a failed DRL would mean a new headlight unit.
  7. Scratched Windscreen

    If they do replace the screen make sure it's a genuine branded Renault screen. Pattern screens such as fitted by Autoglass etc may affect the sensors attached to it. The patterned area at the top of the screen needs to be smooth and not dimpled.
  8. Styling bars

    We have them on our red Kadjar and think the chrome sets off the colour really well. The puddle lights rectify another Renault omission on this car.
  9. Auto gear change quadrant lighting.

    It's not exceptionally bright but it is noticeable in the dark. We only noticed it after the latest firmware update so perhaps there is now more juice being delivered to the bulb (is that possible)? My earlier comment regarding lit door switches was made tongue in cheek.
  10. Automatic headlights

    Perhaps the system needs recalibrating. When we has our windscreen replacing the workshop had to set up a device in front of the car and plug a hand-held computer into the diagnostic socket to set the auto lights correctly. A word with your dealer perhaps?
  11. Auto gear change quadrant lighting.

    Thanks for confirming that I've not gone completely bonkers. I wonder if the next firmware upgrade will give us illuminated window switches?
  12. Noise from power steering

    Had similar trouble with our Kadjar at 9,000 miles. Diagnosed as faulty shock absorber top mount bearing and replaced under warranty. Seems ok for now..

    I assume you have an Auto. If so, it took us a little time to perfect low speed manoeuvres, but found practice and a delicate use of the throttle made (almost) perfect. £550 for a door mirror, ouch.
  14. Had similar noise on our 15 month/9000 mile Sig Nav Tce Auto. Diagnosed by dealer (after we suggested the mechanic turned off the radio so he could hear the noise) as a worn suspension strut top mount. Replaced under warranty. Car is currently away having some dents knocked out of it so not had much chance to confirm that fault cured.
  15. Have you tried using the key inside the fob?
  16. I was thinking more of Construction and Use regulations (is that still the correct term?). If you modify your vehicle and don't tell your Insurance Co, and they find out, I suspect they will invalidate your cover. Any excuse will do for them.
  17. Creaky suspension

    Wonder where Renault are sourcing their parts now? Seems that "Genuine Renault Parts" are no better than cheap pattern parts.
  18. Creaky suspension

    On our car, a grinding noise when turning at low speed. It may have been there at higher speeds but masked by road noise.
  19. Creaky suspension

    No, the problem existed and was diagnosed before the bump.
  20. Creaky suspension

    Our Kadjar is currently with dealers having a suspension top mount replaced at 9,900 miles. Not good.
  21. New Front Tyres

    Tongue in cheek - I wonder if Renault are putting part worn tyres on new cars nowadays? More seriously it would be useful if a new owner could measure the tread depth before any appreciable mileage, the fronts on ours won't last 12k miles! It could be like printer manufacturers, they fit low capacity ink cartridges to reduce cost and boost ink sales.
  22. Great end to the year.

    Thanks Ted, yes perhaps my comments were coloured by my anger at this irresponsible individual. A later look at our dash cam footage revealed what a stupid manoeuvre he was attempting. Myself, whenever I'm a guest in another country I do try to comply with their laws even more than I do when I'm at home. I'm sorry if my original comment caused some offence.
  23. Wife came home last night with a scrape down both O/S doors. It was caused by an eastern European gentleman who seemingly hadn't caught on to the British tradition of having a valid driving licence and insurance before driving on public roads. I really could do without this kind of hassle! On a brighter note, the Police tell us that his car will soon be making it's debut as a stack of soup cans.
  24. Wife took the Kadjar to Autoglass yesterday to have a badly chipped windscreen replaced. The technician said that he was unhappy with the calibration of the sensors in the new screen and would order another one "from Renault". From this I assume that there are non-genuine screens on the market with, perhaps, sub standard sensors attached. I share this story so others can be aware of possible issues with screen replacement. I'll also take the car for a high speed run after the next screen is fitted to check for the famous whistle. Paul.
  25. Windscreen replacement

    New screen is branded Renault, their name on the glass, it was ordered by Autoglass. The original replacement was branded "Pilkington Glass". The certificate is from Autoglass - I was there whilst they did the calibration, all sorts of specialist kit required, and I saw the confirmation on their computer device. Despite this I thought there was something wrong as the speed limit sign recognition was not working at first. I then tried the lane departure warning, that worked and then the sign recognition started working. I've yet to take the car on the Motorway for the Old Grey Whistle Test.