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  1. Steering wheel noise

    Have the same on ours. Dealer diagnosed worn suspension top mount (at less than 10,000 miles). Waiting part from France, due 1st week in Jan. Dealer claims that there is no safety issue.
  2. Windscreen replacement

    Sounds like my daughter's experience with her Audi. Since a screen replacement her wipers operate each time she drives over a bump.
  3. Windscreen replacement

    I wasn't there so I'm reporting second hand. I always thought that the sensors were bonded to the back of the screen and the box was just a cover. I might go myself next time and quiz the guy, just for interest.
  4. Windscreen replacement

    That makes sense, assuming the screen doesn't come with the sensors already attached. It would then follow that non OEM suppliers can't reproduce the screen's exact profile.
  5. Wife took the Kadjar to Autoglass yesterday to have a badly chipped windscreen replaced. The technician said that he was unhappy with the calibration of the sensors in the new screen and would order another one "from Renault". From this I assume that there are non-genuine screens on the market with, perhaps, sub standard sensors attached. I share this story so others can be aware of possible issues with screen replacement. I'll also take the car for a high speed run after the next screen is fitted to check for the famous whistle. Paul.
  6. Tyre pressure monitoring is a legal requirement on cars built in the last few years. Driving without an active system probably invalidates your insurance. I'd suggest either getting monitors for your winter wheels or putting winter tyres on the wheels with monitors.
  7. Keyless car theft

    If you want to shield your key fobs whilst they are in your home just pop them in an empty foil crisp packet. No need to buy purpose made shields - probably works for contactless debit/credit cards as well.
  8. R link firmware

    Don't mean to put a damper on things but I've just been through the same process. Spent a full afternoon at the dealers whilst they tried unsuccessfully to upgrade the firmware following Renault Services instructions. Car is going back in next month for up to 3 days whilst they try to upgrade the firmware for what will be the third attempt. I'm not expecting a better outcome.
  9. New Tyres

    Sorry if I wasn't clear in my explanation. Re-reading what I wrote I think I should have added the word "position" to the end of the second sentence.
  10. New Tyres

    As I understand it each monitor transmits an identifier along with tyre pressure data. During the location process the identifier is used to assign each monitor to the correct wheel.
  11. Kadjar Brake Problems

    When our car went for service I mentioned the problem. Dealer said that no faults were stored on the car's system. The issue has not occurred again - perhaps I applied the handbrake in a way the car didn't like and it decided to throw it's toys out of the pram!
  12. Potential 2017 Kadjar Advice

    We have a 66 plate Sig Nav tce 130 Auto. Your car will have walk away locking and auto fold mirrors which ours doesn't. You will also have a much improved R-Link infotainment system - look at the posts on here re R-Link for more info. For us the pano roof doesn't cause a problem, I suppose it depends on the height of your rear seat passengers. The auto box is smooth after you move above 1st gear - I cannot feel up or down shifts. Low speed manoeuvres take a bit of practice. I assume you know that the box is dry dual clutch device. As far as Renault support is concerned - people on here have some horror stories mainly regarding the R-Link system. I believe Dealers suffer Renault rather than enjoy them. Yes the 19" tyres can be harsh and noisy on some surfaces, but perhaps no more than others with a 45% aspect ratio. Any more questions, please ask. Paul.
  13. I've just read an article on the BBC News Site about emissions testing (I think it was mentioned in another thread on here, but I can't locate it just now) and found this quote near the end. Renault said all of its vehicles complied with the laws and regulations of the country in which they were sold, adding that it was aware of “significant potential for improvement regarding the release of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in real use conditions”. The company said it had been gradually taking action to reduce the gap between the performance of its vehicles in the lab and on the road, for example by reprogramming their engine injection computer. I suppose the the final sentence can be read two ways, i.e. they are reprogramming new build cars or they are reprogramming existing cars when they get their hands on them at service time. Those who believe their cars' performance has suffered will tend to believe the latter, I guess.
  14. R-Link - problems since upgrading to IOS11

    I get the above log in screen if I use M/S Edge browser. If I use Chrome it works fine. Seems Renault cannot build an Edge compatible web site, amongst other failures.
  15. Which dashcam to buy?

    Just had a Nextbase 512GW fitted to our Kadjar. Bought it from Halfords who charged £30 to hard wire it to the car's electrics, including the fitting kit. (I think the kit costs about that alone). They did a good job, no wires visible. Pro's of camera - takes very good quality video, no glare, can easily be demounted without disconnecting wiring, simple set up menu, compact size. Con's - can take a long time to download video to computer, protect feature seems over sensitive, wireless function not fully explained - not got our's working yet - no paper manual - CD or download only, can take a few minutes to acquire a GPS signal. The only other issue is that the plastic box on the windscreen which holds the car's rain and light sensors can intrude onto the video if then camera is mounted too close. Any questions, please ask.