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  1. Reset Computer

    Hi, what is the best way to reset "factory" kadjar computer. disconnect the battery (-) ?
  2. Reset Computer

    Hi, what is the best way to reset "factory" kadjar computer. disconnect the battery (-) ?
  3. Gearbox Noices

    all the time. you cant hear it from inside only from outside
  4. Gearbox Noices

    Hi , Auto transmiation . Its happens when you on D and closing to fully stop \ stand
  5. TMC Motor

    Hi, I have this TMC on my ALFA ROMEO and VOLVO S60 works amazing !!! Does anyone has experience on kadjar ? as we know the 1.5D 110P very vey lazy ... http://www.tmcmotorsport.com/
  6. Hi, today my kadjar to do some shopping, 2 min before she arrived i went down to help her. A few seconds before the kadjar stopped, there was a click of metal - (Gearbox). I thought it was a dream but I checked it several times, it happens when the kadjar close to stop. Any one ?
  7. RL Toolbox 2

    Hello guys, I posted this problem before without success solutions hope maybe now you have some advice. So here is the thing: All I want to do is update my RL2 in my Kadjar . I replaced 3 !!! flash drives \ Disk on keys that formatted to FAT32 that connect to the RL2 more than 4 min. I can see the flash drives under my computer (Win10 64Bit \ RL2 toolbox ver 1.1.8) and i can see the folder Rlink (on flash drives) Buuuuuuuuuuuuut the F@#$% RL2 Toolbox keep saying no vehicle was found !!! I'm getting crazy !!!!! what I'm doing wrong in this stupid software?! Thanks Any help will come upon you the blessing
  8. Where can i find R-Ling S\N

    thanks for the reply, i see that i have system update, so i made the figure printing , i opened the toolbox buy it doesn't recognize it. the usb is 8G,Fat32 and i see the finger printing in it. any suggest ? in addition , can i push the update directly to the kadjar without the USB etc ?
  9. Where can i find R-Ling S\N

    i created r link account and i see that there is updates... on the r link web portal tells me that i need to put USB into my Kadjar and than connect it to my pc....is that right ?? how the update came from the "Air" to my Kadjar ??
  10. Where can i find R-Ling S\N

    Thanks i will try that . in addition, I'm wondering how to r link connect to the store etc ? SIM card ? Hotspot via my cell ?
  11. Hey , i was trying to sign in to r link store (create account) , stage number 3 ask my r link serial number, where can i find it ?