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  1. 17 or 19 inch wheels

    19" wheels are fine as long as you only drive around town but at motorway speed the noise from them is very intrusive and anyone that says they are not is deaf or working for Renault. Personally i will be dumping them for 17"at the first opportunity.
  2. Bose sound system quality?

    Since my last comment I have fitted extra sound insulation behind all the wheel arches and this made little or no difference which means means it is conductive noise coming through the tires and suspension into the car interior, which can only be cured by changing the wheels for ones that have more rubber on them any one lookin to swop 19"alloys for 17"
  3. Bose sound system quality?

    Any sound system is wasted in this car. The fact is that at 120/130 kph on an average surface this is the noisiest car i have ever sat in. I have measured it and it hits 90db. If you worked in a factory or with machinery you would be required to wear ear protection. this is coming from the wheels which are 19"on my Sig.Model maybe the 17" are better (can anyone tell me ?) because if them are i will definitely consider changing them. The Bose. system will not turn up automatically to compensate which is just as well because when you turn it up yourself and then stop the car you realize just how much volume it takes to overcome the roar noise.
  4. Wiring and Fusebox

    lost power to the fuse panel beside the steering column , which left the car immobilized. car had to be transported to garage turned out there was another fuse board supplying the internal one which is not listed in the hand book, the garage by passed it with an standard fuse but the proper fuse which is so different that 5 months later they still cannot find a replacement . Would replace it myself only cannot find diagrams . and as for what blew the fuse in the first place?? Well pissed off!
  5. your camera WILL have to be calibrated. Renault can arrange to have it calibrated.
  6. Auto Gear Box

    auto box stuck in 1st. .Had to be transported back to dealership, told it was a software issue , No problem since