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  1. Latest version of R-Link

    In case anyone is interested I took my Kadjar in to Renault Croydon yesterday for another issue and asked them to update to the latest version of R-Link as I thought there was a new one. There was a recall due for some kind of software update but I was disappointed to see that the actual software and boot version were the same as when I dropped it off so I don't think there has been a major update. Software Release is and Boot Release is 4598. These were the versions that were on the car when I collected it at the end of December so suggests there hasn't been an update in over two months despite the niggles that many people have reported. I don't know what the update they did apply did but one obvious thing that I checked is that the speed warning for cameras is still incorrect.
  2. Afternoon, I have the Techno Pack which includes the blind spot warning system. I have only seen this light up once which I thought a bit strange but presumed it only worked when I was indicating and about to pull in on someone which is hopefully never. I do get a warning on the speedo panel every time I start up saying "Check Blind Spot Warning" which I thought was just a reminder. I was going through the manual this morning for a quick refresh of all things Kadjar and it tells you when it should activate and I should definitely be seeing it a lot more. However it does say if you see that warning on the dash it means there is a system malfunction and it needs to be taken to the dealer Hopefully mine's a one off but I thought I'd post here in case anyone else is experiencing it and needs to get it checked. Now I need to work out how to test the Active Emergency Brake System
  3. Morning, Before I write Park Assist off as being next to useless I wonder if anyone can give me some guidance on how they're using it. I was initially disappointed that I couldn't find a space myself and then tell the car to park there. Instead I have to crawl along at 6 mph, possibly with a queue of traffic behind me, and hope that it might deem one of the spaces large enough. Having found a road with lots of cars in yesterday but not much traffic I thought I'd give it a good workout. I drove past several spaces which were definitely big enough with Park Assist activated and the indicator on but it chose to drive past most of them. On one that it did find it went in so close to the car in front that the front sensors were on full beep and, although I realise there was probably just enough space to continue, I didn't have the confidence to continue. If PA thinks it has enough space then can't it tell the standard sensors to not sound. Another time it finished up well away from the kerb and I was noticeably protruding in to the road. It seems to deal with reversing in to a standard parking space fine, but that's easy for a human to do, but I didn't have a single successful parallel parking manoeuvre. I am quite disappointed with this functionality so thought I'd ask here if anyone has worked out any tips for it's use or am I expecting too much? Thanks Leigh
  4. AEB - Active Emergency Breaking

    I think it kicked in for me one day. To be honest I was sh****ng myself so much I can't be sure but the cars in front of me in the fast lane of the M25 decelerated so fast that I was looking to go in to the middle lane but another car was there. The car shuddered a lot and I did stop in time, albeit at a very slight angle, but that may have been me pressing the pedal as hard as I could. One things you will see from time to time is a warning that the system isn't functioning. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it but I would say every couple of weeks it appears for a few minutes but it can be on different types of road, speeds and traffic conditions.
  5. Bose Plastic Tab on Dash Speaker

    Morning, this was one of the early annoyances and it will indeed come off. However I heard about it before receiving my car and asked the dealer to do it for me. I don't know how he did it I just know the salesman said it came off easier than expected.
  6. Speedo

    I think that's when it hasn't seen a sign for a while so it can't be sure that is still the limit. It also happens when it sees a national speed limit sign as it doesn't know what that is in different countries whereas it's easy to know what a number means.
  7. Digital Radio Disaster

    Agree with this. Kiss, Absolute 80s, LNC and Radio 5 Live are rock solid. Heart Essex cuts out within a couple of minutes. Don't know if they broadcast a different codec or something.
  8. Daytime Running Lights

    I agree that is annoying. I can only presume that the legislation is to make you visible to pedestrians you are driving towards rather than to make you visible to other drivers which, in my opinion, is more likely to be an issue.
  9. Drive-through carwash

    I've recently started applying Valet Pro Citrus Pre Wash before the Snow Foam. Probably overkill but I am seeing great results and I really do believe it is making a difference.
  10. This forum.... needs a bit of levity

    Great article and so true
  11. Kadjars seen on the road.

    Did a 180 mile round trip on Friday around the M25 and M4 and saw two so they definitely aren't too common yet.
  12. Hi everyone, Great to find a fledgling community here for the Kadjar and it will hopefully get busy as the vehicle gets out in to the community. Thought it worth telling you a brief bit about our deal and delivery times as I can see some people are concerned about this. We currently have a 2012 Grand Scenic with the Bose pack so all of the gadgets that were available at the time. Although I liked the driving area of the Kadjar I felt the interior was not as fully specced as the Scenic. Only silly things like storage, rear blinds, no air con vents in the back, less storage and a boot that the stats suggest is about 1/3 smaller. However I love the styling of the Kadjar and liked the thought of being one of the first on the road with a new model so decided to go with the Signature Nav to get lots of gadgets to compensate for the slightly underwhelming interior. So we have ordered a 1.6 DCI 4WD (I am not sure we need the 4WD but we went crazy) in Titanium with the Techno Pack and Side Steps. Was very disappointed that they did not even have samples of colours apart from the flame red vehicle but I think the Titanium (aka Grey) blends in well with the tinted windows and alloys. We got a great discount which was well in to double digits. The bad news is that the expected delivery is December and I am half expecting that to slip and that's a long wait for a fairly standard car from a mass producer. That's it for now. Will update you as as and when I hear more. Leigh
  13. Black on car

    Funnily enough I was looking at mine yesterday and thought they looked a bit faded but blamed it on my eyesight. Now that you have said this I will keep an eye on it. Although alansig has a point about hand car washes etc I don't think it should make any difference what it's been washed with after four weeks. If it's fading then that's substandard. Going by your username do you have a titanium grey Kadjar? I do as well so maybe there's a faulty batch out there on the day they did grey! Unlikely but you never know.
  14. I suspect it's the air recirculation that's the problem. I've done around 4000 miles in my car and not had this happen at all whether the air con or the climate control is activated but I don't have recirculation on.
  15. Real world mpg

    Same engine and drivetrain here. After 3700 miles of mostly town driving but a 100 mile motorway trip one a week I have settled at around 46MPG. Very slightly disappointed but as I used to get 42 in my 1.5 Grand Scenic I can't complain. I use Eco Mode sparingly mainly because I forget it's there.
  16. Had my Kadjar for just under four months and in the last fortnight I've had the alarm go off about ten times. Random weather and times and parked on a driveway in a village with minimal passing traffic and none anywhere near the car. As it lasted three months without going off at all that suggests there is a bigger fault than just misaligned sensors. Luckily I can get to the dealer without too much fuss but thought it worth mentioning for future sufferers.
  17. One time when you will switch to manual, if you're a sensible driver, is during a storm or similar weather. Although you have the daytime running lights you won't have any rear lights unless you turn them on as the auto light brains don't seem to detect it's got darker.
  18. Keycard

    Same here. It was decided before we'd even left the showroom and it's my car
  19. Front fog lights

    Ah right. Had the car three months and hadn't realised that
  20. Front fog lights

    I didn't realise it did it when going in to reverse but I think you'll find it's when you move the wheel to steer or turn on an indicator. Apparently it's to assist you when turning.
  21. Kadjar Sighting Game

    There's already a grey one using the A13 regularly. I'll give you a flash if I see another one
  22. Keycard

    I can only go by the photo of the leather version and I have one of yours in my hand and, to be honest, I think the leather one does look higher quality. I think Macca's comment is perfectly reasonable as have some of the others that you haven't been too happy about. I am happy with the one I bought from you, as are others, but please stop being so defensive when someone makes the slightest negative comment towards your product.
  23. mysterious safety recall notice?

    Something I am finding interesting here is that I posted a relatively minor complaint about my dealer telling me there wasn't an R-Link update when the good people here said (and showed photos) otherwise. The following day Renault UK asked Macca to ask me to get in touch with them to discuss. There are much more serious concerns at play here and yet, HTP99s ever incendiary posts aside, no one from Renault has made any attempt to contact anyone.
  24. Daytime Running Lights

    You don't want to turn them off. They look cool
  25. mysterious safety recall notice?

    Did they definitely say SAFETY recall? I took my car in to have the blind spot warning system looked at and when I got there they said the car was subject to a recall. Turned out it was something to do with R-Link and they weren't able to do it anyway. I they aren't releasing the car I doubt this is your issue but could be worth asking.