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  1. Mats

    I though so too. Should have Kadjar on the tag too, I think.
  2. Our new Kadjar all shiny!!!

    Nice and clean and shiny. I'll give it a week and it will be like mine. Only slightly filthy...
  3. AlloyGator Rim Protectors

    Nice post. I'll go up the wall if I knacker an alloy again so this is a sound move to get a set... Red on a black Kadjar.... Maybe not...
  4. Windscreen surround - hot weather?

    That doesn't look very clever. Seeing that pic makes me glad I live in a complete pisspot of a country like Wales....
  5. I was messing about with the settings earlier today and turned the flower on. If I spend too much time outside the Eco range on the speedo the leaves shrink away one at a time and come back when my driving improves. Nothing to do with air quality.
  6. Front Seats

    Comfy enough I suppose. But then again, it's not a couch...
  7. Recall.

    I rang the local renault dealer as the "check anti pollution system" warning had come on. A bit of silt in the pipes I think but the warning light needs to be reset. After I booked it in he told me about 4 "product enhancements" that are available for my Kadjar. Airbar, R-link upgrade and some other gubbins. NIce to get it all done in one hit (although I'm sure r-link and maps were done last week...)
  8. Collected yesterday 27th May 2016

    The parking sensors work fine. Very weird. The sensors that would be covered by the wider arches dont seem to be present on all Kadjars. As it is, I may be losing out on the sensors for front left and right but the remaining 4 front ones work fine. Its a lovely drive.
  9. Kadjar Sighting Game

    I mentioned the waving thing to my missus. She said "that's sad". I reminder her that I used to get waves (and reciprocated) in my MGB GT all the time. She said in reply "but that was an MG" She's not on the same page...yet.
  10. Wind noise?

    Have you got roof bars or anything else that could interfere with the wind flow?
  11. Collected yesterday 27th May 2016

    Looks cool. Should be getting mine on Wednesday (Diamond Black, Adventure pack). Excited much.