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  1. Auto locking

    Exactly............... Another member has brought to this forums attention that he has started to see issues with his alarm, yet you and others are saying you've had enough of the alarm issue. He brought this up in the correct thread.
  2. Auto locking

    Just thought I'd mention that before Macca pulls the plug
  3. Auto locking

    Just in case you didnt notice (due to perhaps head in sand), another member has now mentioned an issue with his alarm, so this "old news" is indeed still a topic for conversation, well at least it is for those that it affects or affected or anyone that has an interest in it.
  4. Auto locking

    cg91293 does raise a valid point, Why should unhappy owners or even ex owners for that matter just let things go when being misinterpreted ? If Renault or dealerships have people saying their bit, then trust me buddy I'll say mine.
  5. Auto locking

    Whether I was going to keep the car or not does not mean that I cannot correct someone if they incorrectly quote me. Also as someone who has had experience of dealing with Renault on many occasions and also had experience of owning a Kadjar, albeit for a short and unhappy time I think I'm entitled to give my opinion on my OWN experience.
  6. Mad though that they cant just order a set of pre-drilled mouldings. How would a garage get a set for a scuffed or bumped car ?
  7. Auto locking

    @HTP99 Not once have I said that non illuminated switch's are an "electrical issue", yes, I have said that I thought this basic feature would be standard on the car, but definitely not said it was an "electrical issue", I've also not mentioned the "auto locking being an electrical issue", in fact I dont recall even commenting, good or bad on auto locking ? So for the record and to make myself clear....... As far as I'm concerned Renault do still have issues with their electrics and electronics/software, hence the alarm problem, the missing features on the R-Link2, LED lights/towbar, and general issues with electrical/electronic/software support . Here's just one small but very true quote from another member. "I'm sorry to say again Support sucks . The Kadjar is a great car mechanically and to look at . The R Link 2 system is at the heart of the car and ,as such, support let's the car down . Go look at the Renaultsport forum and you'll see that complaints about R Link support abound ,albeit an eralier version . It seems nothing is changing" So it does seem then that most of the reported faults/issues/niggles, call them what you like are based around the electrics / electronics or software of the car, especially on this and other Renault forums in general.
  8. Alarm

    Its not boring, in fact, and please dont take this the wrong way, having another member have the same problem so soon after I reported mine tends to make me feel that I was right to get annoyed and make myself heard. You have to agree that it's all a bit ironic though. Anyway hope you get it sorted, and I really do think it might be worth your dealer asking Swansea how they got on with my ex-Kadjar, you never know it could of turned out to be a simple fix.
  9. Auto locking

    All jokes aside, it does seem as though Renault are still carrying electrical/electronic baggage issues even today
  10. Or just order the mouldings with pre-drilled holes. They MUST be available somewhere within Renault's UK data base, if not Renault HQ could source them. Its a factory fitted part so it has to be stocked somewhere within Renault ! I would ring Renault UK and get them on the case. You only need the lower moulding with the hole, the rest is standard fit.
  11. Alarm

    Its just like reading the same book over and over, I'm sure "someone" made a similar comment about me. But anyway, I found that once this problem started it seemed to happen more frequently, building up to every few hours some days, even almost going off instantly on the day I handed the car back. I can remember suggesting disconnecting the alarm to my dealer, but even though they said it was " probably" possible, they were very reluctant to do it, because firstly it would of meant adjusting software and perhaps actual wiring, which could invalidate the warranty, so Renault UK would need to be informed and give the ok to go ahead, which was very very unlikely. Secondly, and this was a major concern with the dealership, the Kadjar like the majority of new cars is shown as having a Thatchem approved alarm as standard, so your insurance could be voided if you remove or alter the alarm, but more importantly the dealer was concerned that if a claim was ever made for theft it could some how come back to the dealership as it was them who removed a factory fitted security feature. I know its all "ifs & buts", but I sat down with the area service manager, technician and sales director for over an hour trying to persuade them to disconnect the alarm, even for a short period until they found a remedy, but they just did not want to know, hence them loaning me car and taking mine off the road for over 6 weeks. Another thing that you may need to be careful with is if you find the "sounder" and just remove the wiring yourself you wont know if the alarm has been activated, if its on or off, or even if the cars immobolised due to a genuine alarm being activated . If the cars system checks voltage output or voltage leakage, then you might start seeing errors because you've disconnected part of the cars electronics ? You should really have it checked out with your dealer because there could very well be more info and possibly a fix now within Renault. My dealer told me at the time that there was a number of Kadjars involved, so therefor Renault had to do something about it, and that was very very early into the cars launch. This forum, although growing represents a tiny amount of Kadjar owners, so just because your only the 2nd owner to experience this on here does not mean that this not a far more widespread issue. Like I said when I first brought this up months ago, Renault know there is a problem but are not going to do recalls at such an early stage after the cars launch, its just not good publicity, so they will deal with it on a one to one basis at the moment, and hope it stays that way. I know how your feeling, its one of those faults that plays on your mind, especially at night when your just waiting for it to start sounding at 2am in the morning, then 2.30am, 3.00am and finally at 4am when you just decide to leave the car unlocked. Oh yes been there, on a few occasions............. Having security call you from your place of work 3 or 4 times throughout the day because they think your cars been broken into whilst in the staff car park, isn't much fun either Or having your neighbours pass snide comments about a brand new car that keeps the whole street awake at night can be a bit embarrassing As you know enough was enough, no light at the end of Renault's very very long tunnel, and it was time to part with the car.
  12. Alarm

    Steve mate hopefully not, but it sounds like you've got all the traits that mine had or started off with. I would suggest taking it to your dealer and ask them to speak to Swansea, maybe by now theres a Renault fix or perhaps Swansea found out what was playing up on mine, if its not a widespread problem.
  13. Alarm

    Another strange thing that you can try is, lock the car then wait say 10 mins then walk up to the car and open the rear boot with the button NOT the card, mine would give 3 short beeps, yet the ones down at my dealers did nothing, they stayed silent ! Again the technician could not explain this, neither could the alarm manufacturer ?
  14. Alarm

    We ( myself & technician) went through the same process of trying to lock the car using different techniques, ie, card or door button, like you I started thinking of all permutations, but nothing seemed to solve my problem, it would alarm no matter how the doors were locked. I never tried switching off data sharing though ?
  15. Not sure if you guys already knew or had it done, but I was told that there was a full map and sat nav up date released by TomTom for the Kadjar just about the same time as the cars were being delivered to the dealers ? I would guess that the cars would of been updated on their PDI checks, but knowing Renault I wouldn't hold my breath.