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  1. R link firmware

    I got an email from renault connected services telling me to take it to the dealers to update the software so I could download latest map well I say latest still over a year old booked car in and after 5 hours received call to pick car up to be told they haven' updated it as it only applies to certain chassis numbers will not have any car that has r link again bag of crap from day 1
  2. R link firmware

    Hi there still waiting for my software version 2.2.18 to be updated as o was told by renault that when updated I can download latest maps? Has anyone managed to do this on the new software update?
  3. The more advanced they make things the more problematic it becomes it seems give me a manual handbrake back least u have an emergency brake should you need it.
  4. Yeh think u're probably right just give it back and hope it was a bad batch of pads and hope for the best st least while it's in they can do the software update on r-link then can download new map updates according to connected services...we shall see how that goes
  5. Put new discs and pads on rearof car and was about to take it for a test drive when they connected to computer to rewind the calipers or something to do with calibrating the electronic handbrake it came up with a fault on the computer so looks like it hasn't been releasing properly on both sides as both scored to hell only down side no part in uk got to wait between 7 and 10 days for the part then fitting etc on the plus side it's being done on warranty so not costing me anything
  6. Thanks for that will get it checked out before taking to renault
  7. Hi all had my kadjar since May 2016 and last couple of days noticed a scraping noise coming from rear discs now getting louder and louder with a lot of brake dust around rear alloy which I find strange and even after very short journey discs are very hot after almost no braking getting bit worried now anyone else experienced this as don't want renault robbing me for new discs and pads when only got 5000 miles on it tia
  8. Hi all can anyone tell me how too get the oil lever indicator to display when entering car it came up once before but don't know what I pressed can't find answer in handbook or Google Thx in advance
  9. Hi all 1st question is does anyone know of a way for the sat nav to display what road you ate driving on at present? Secondly I'm having doubts about renewing the live traffic and internet pack pros and cons? Is it worth it peeps
  10. TomTom Traffic Subscription Renewal

    Do you have to pay for the map update service separately? As the other items traffic discovery and digital services have 32 days left but map update has 62 days left any ideas thanks
  11. Spare wheel nuts

    Hi all just a quickie just found that there were no locking wheel nut with my kadjar and Renault has ordered a replacement but apparently no different nuts for the spare wheel which is 16" where the main wheels are 17"alloys do the normal nuts fit the 16"spare or does it require different size nuts thx in advance
  12. Sat nav resetting preferences

    Mine has reset twice now not displaying cameras or audio warnings does anyone know before factory reseting if u have to re register again add all details etc
  13. Rear cup holders

    Yeh there goes the vodka cocktails and hotties lol