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  1. Hi when the radio is on DAB you should be able to pause and rewind live radio. My radio will pause live radio but not rewind I'm sure it did when i first got the car but not now. When i was at my Renault dealer having the car serviced they asked me if there was anything wrong with it and i just said that the R Link needed updating maps pluse some of the graphics have disapired. So i thought i would bring up about the radio problem well two guys in the service department fell about laughing. On of them said you can't do that on any car radio, i told them well it worked perfectly on my Toyota Auris but they wouldn't have it. They obviously don't know anything about Didgital radio. Anyone tried it out ?
  2. Your lucky it's only the head lights our Daughters new Clio tce is always driping wet inside its to much for just a small cloth she has to use a bath towels witch isn't funny when she wants to jump in it and drive to work. its not even a two minute job because even with the aircon on full blast fan on full blast it still takes at least ten mins before she can drive away. On a better note to show I'm not anti Reault or Victor Meldue my Kadjar is perfect.
  3. Tyre pressure

    Hi my tyre pressure monitor only seems to let me know if i have a puncher. And dose not let me know what is in each tyre.
  4. Engine oil filler cap

    I would like to know what pillack thought it would be a good idea to incorporate the dipstick in with the oil filler cap in the first place on the 1.5 dci edc ? Its so long if your not careful you can flick oil over the engine and your self. Also for ten moths the oil was a little on the high side then all of a sudden i got the oil light come on. Checked the oil when could and warmed up and the reading was low. I checked for leak none found I checked with Renault they told me to use the oil that came with the car and booked it in for its first service eght weeks early.
  5. ICE - DAB Radio text.

    Yes I have the same problem it's so frustrating to have to update the list each time i switch off the car and then restart it. Also on our Toyota Auras you can pours and rewind the the Dab. When I told the people in the Renault dealership they laughed and said know one can do that and made me feel a real plonker. But it just goes to show how bad their training is. Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk