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  1. New Tyres

    Interesting as when I took mine into my local dealer for a service a couple of months ago I asked them to do a front to rear tyre swap. They told me they couldn't do it as the tyre sensors would need to be changed around in the tyre's!!!!!
  2. Sounds like a duff bearing to me. Back to the dealer methinks.
  3. Abysmal

    This seems to have a familiar ring to it as when I asked my local dealer to do the upgrade as part of a recent visit they said they hadn't done it as it does not work!!! Apart from the DAB track listing an the other well known issues my Rlink seems to behave itself so thankful for small mercies I suppose.
  4. Rattles and Noises

    I have resorted to wedging a piece of rubber in the centre of the windscreen and top of the dashboard which has fixed my dash noises when going over speedbumps etc. Local dealer not really interested in sorting this problem as per previous posts. Also wedged another piece under the instrument binnacle which sorted out plastic creaking from this area. Not ideal but at least it fixed the problems and I don't have any more wasted visits to the dealer!!!
  5. At least you had the firmware update. My 15 plate was in Renault wolves yesterday for some minor jobs. I asked them to do the update. When I got it back they advised they would not do it as they had tried it on previous cars and to quote them - it does not work !!!
  6. R link firmware

    The plot thickens!!! My 15 plate car went into Wolves Renault today to have a few minor jobs done. I asked them to do the Rlink2 firmware update as well. Got car back guess what no update. Phoned up service and then advised my car has latest version. Asked about the new update and told they had tried this on several cars and it does not work!!!! Piss up and brewery come to mind!!!!
  7. Dancing mirror

    Hi ref the moving door panels I have noticed that as well. On my car the drivers panel moves quite a bit more than the passenger's. Never had a car with that "feature"!! before.
  8. Known R-Link 2 Bugs & Issues

    Renault sent me a cheque for £125 to cover the subscriptions as I said they were not value for money and if I had bought a piece of tech with all those bugs it would have gone straight back to the shop!
  9. Kadjar Annoyances

    Bugs I reported that they confirmed are DAB radio no traffic or track info. Sat nav mobile camera continuous reduce you speed warning that needs a reset to stop it plus of course the out of date maps.
  10. Kadjar Annoyances

    Just received a £125 cheque from Renault today after complaining about the subscription fees to renew maps, traffic and online services plus the known Rlink bugs. I said that if I had bought Rlink from a shop I would have returned it and the subscription fees are not value for money at present. No argument from customer services.
  11. Voice control issues

    Voice levels are OK - after the reset it will pick up all my commands talking at a normal level. Before this it won't recognise anything even if I shout at it!!
  12. Hi the voice control on my car seems a bit iffy. On a number of occasions when using it- it has failed to recognise any voice commands with the blue disc image fully lit and not showing any sign of voice recognition. The only way to get it to work is do a reset after which it will work OK. Anybody else had this problem.?
  13. Electric handbrake

    Press the brake pedal then pull up the handbrake switch. If you want to disengage you can drive off or press brake pedal and push switch down.
  14. 1st Service

    If your unfortunate enough to book it into Renault Wolverhampton they will charge you £129 for the pleasure of changing the cabin filter and then providing you with a multi coloured check list. When they did mine they checked the tyre pressures but couldn't be bothered to find out if I have a spare - which I do.
  15. Nav women

    This has been mentioned in other posts on the forum. It's another Rlink feature!!! sorry bug. My car goes metal occasionally with the b*** woman continually telling me to slow down for mile after mile. Thank goodness for the reset function which is the only way to shut her up.