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  1. Definitely the best colour, looks superb.
  2. Hi wnknob69 welcome to the site, looking forward to seeing the pic's
  3. Dash Cams

    I also have a cam fitted https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B015CDXTMU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 it also comes with a long lead. I managed to conceal it behind the windscreen trim and then into the side dashboard panel and then along where the glove box opens and into the cigplug. You can only really see it if you are looking for it I am very pleased with it so far.
  4. AlloyGator Rim Protectors

    I was going to fit them myself at first but just wanted to know what it would cost to get them on professionally. I will have to buy a jack and a rubber hammer, I hadn't even thought about the handbrake that is very interesting but I guess there must be a way as it would need to come off to change things like disk's and pads plus more serious work.
  5. AlloyGator Rim Protectors

    It was the first time I was advised by a garage not to spend my money. I might still go for them as I have whacked the N/S front twice now. It is £140 if I get the garage to fit them.
  6. AlloyGator Rim Protectors

    I have been advised by a local tyre and wheel specialist that they are not suitable for diamond cut alloys although they will fit them but pointed me to the FAQ'S on Alloygator's website. https://www.alloygator.com/faqs/
  7. Our new Kadjar all shiny!!!

    Very nice
  8. About to order

    If it was my main car and it enhanced my enjoyment of it and after three years I got another new one and all I had lost was £900 then yes I would. But that is just me each to there own.
  9. About to order

    Look at it this way if you bought the car and sold in three years you would be about 8-10K worse off. So £900 seems a bargain to me.
  10. I have noticed a clutch like burning smell but no smoke(yet) but I have been unable to replicate it on demand. It has done it while sitting in traffic or as I am parking.
  11. Wales ,Wales

    They were absolutely brilliant. Put English team to shame, hope they make it all the way.
  12. Kadjar Take Two... Awesome!

    Great news great colour.
  13. Excessive wind noise?

    Eating less prunes will help with wind noise sorry couldn't resist.
  14. Real world mpg

    I checked mine for a couple of months using both methods and found the OBC and manual check to be about the same, which I must admit did surprise me.