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  1. Hopefully

    Just started with them but don't do X1 yet but for most other runs lol mines a flame red 16 plate
  2. Hopefully

    Yeah steering wheel is perfect size and I work for first bus up here so if you see a bus driver waving at you don't panic lol
  3. R-Link text message

    Does anyone know if this function would work with iPhone 4 as it maybe a while before I can get new phone but would like this function to work
  4. Hopefully

    Well after a long drive back to Kent this morning I picker her up and wow is all I can say I love her lol and lifestyle tunbridge wells what a dealership kept me up to date on everything and because Motability wouldn't let them put my partner on the insurance with out us there they put half a tank of fuel in for free can't recommend them enough but after putting 170 miles on her is a day through sunny and heavy rain (down to 40 in a national speed limit zone) all I. An say is so far she lives up to my expectations and the wife loves it too which is good not that she has driven her yet lol although she has nicked the white key lol will keep you all updated with my view and experiences
  5. Hopefully

    I will hopefully be collecting my kadjar on Tuesday I was told it should be in dealership on Thursday but when I called Friday dealer wasn't 100% sure it was there so I said as stated in an email I would be fine to pick uk Tuesday dealer said will call me Monday to let me know that it's ok as moved since ordering and have a 160 mile drive to collect car but I can't wait to drive my new car yay
  6. Collected yesterday 27th May 2016

    Glad to hear it I'm gonna have to remember not to play with all the tech on my drive home when my car finally comes
  7. Now those of you like me who have kadjar's on way from factory do you think we will be gave some bad delays because of huge French fuel strike or do they miss France out I feel sorry for the dealers if it does as they are gonna get done angers customers even though there is nothing they can do if it does affect us
  8. My kadjar order

    Yeah missed those two lol
  9. Well after ordering my kadjar dynamic nav on Motability was told it will properly be late for change over date. Then dealer emailed to say my car was stuck in port with alarm recall. Well I haven't heard from my dealer in a few weeks so last week I email to see what's going on and a 5 days later I get an email back saying mine is due to be shipped to the uk in the next couple of days so should be just over a month till I can collect just a bit disappointed as one week it's in the uk and the next it's being shipped to the uk I just want to collect my new car especially as in 3 week I move from Kent to Norfolk before starting a new job so will have to drive 2 hours 30 mins to collect car and then same home but what a first drive
  10. Just that its an I stand Eco driving score
  11. I haven't got an issue these things happen with all types of cars
  12. There is an alarm issue as I was pointing out with my post be it a faulty alarm or no alarms is not the point there is a fault brought to my attention by my dealer who by the way has been nothing but helpful and informative you just seem to want to pick a fight I will repeat I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH RENAULT and can't wait to get my car and enjoy it
  13. Right I'm not on anyone's side here because I see both sides points but regards Renault not saying there is an alarm issue I'm waiting for my kadjar to be delivered and my sales rep emailed me this Hi Daniel Just a quick email to let you know how we are getting on. At the moment there is a slight delay with your Kadjar, it has been put on block with the rest of the kadjars due to an alarm fault but I shall keep you up to date every step of the way and I’ll get you into your new car just as soon as possible! Now he must of been told about am alarm fault by Renault or perhaps it is just that they are out of alarms and side to want to admit it what ever way my car is delayed for am alarm
  14. The Seat

    I was just about to say that