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  1. For anyone that has an automatic Kadjar, does your engine constantly over-rev? I've had mine over a year and I've had the problem since I've had the car. When I took the car into my local Renault service centre they said it was common on all Kadjars and Qashqais. I don't trust them, though, because with the well known RDS issue on Kadjars, they said it's not a problem with the car but a fault with DAB signals(!). Recently it's been even worse, with the engine over-revving as if the I'm flooring it whilst the car is in 'Neutral' when all I'm doing is applying some gas to get moving from a stationary position or to overtake a car. I've been driving for donkeys years and I've owned automatics in the past and I've never come across this.
  2. I have a Signature Nav in pearlescent Flame Red. I recently bought Diamondbrite two-stage polish but I'm worried that it's not needed for this paintwork (which looks fantastic as it is and significantly better than normal metallic paint) and, if anything, it might adversely affect the look of the car. Has anyone used Diamondbrite on a pearlescent Flame Red or White Kadjar yet? If so, was it worth doing?
  3. Auto Light Setting - Front Fog Lights

    Thanks for the replies. OK, so I checked the lights outside after it went dark and it appears the fog lights come on in reverse gear. I'm not sure if they turn off when moved back into drive mode but I hope they do. I'll try and check this again to make sure the fogs do switch back off when taking it from reverse to drive.
  4. Hi My first post here. I've had my Kadjar Signature Nav for a week and I'm very happy with it. However, I've noticed that with the lights set to auto, in the evening the front fog lights come on along with the main headlights. I don't like this as it looks odd seeing nice white LED lights and old-fashioned orange halogen lights illuminated on the front at the same time. Does anyone know how this can be gotten around? Thanks.