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  1. Front fog

    i need to replace the rh front fog lamp assembley on my Kadjar, Kadjar replacements seem to be like rocking horse muck. Have looked on ebuy and there is many renault fog lamps, does anyone now if any other models of renault will fit, or nissan cashcow or dacia. Thanks
  2. ventilaion

    cant work it out unable to have a/c and auto on at the same time what have i done
  3. ventilaion

    cant wrk it out unable to have a/c and auto on at the same time what have i done
  4. hi i drive a lo in Spain in fact am just returning to the UK today . ref adjustment the only lamps that are adjustable to drive on the right are LED lights that are fitted to the top of the range Kadjars. I dont use headlamp deflectors in Spain this is my third vistit 3 months at a time, and not once have I been flashed or stopped by the police, if you want some people set the headlamps to 3 on the dial in the car. hope this hellps TC
  5. front fog lamp

    hi darenh. thanks for piks have removed the lower shield bolts dif to see do I need to remove the washer bottle. thanks
  6. front fog lamp

    yes my thoughts exactly, have seen this on eBay thanks
  7. front fog lamp

    Thanks. Do you know if they are specific to the kadjar or other Renault's will fit, or cash cow or dacia ? Cheer's TC
  8. front fog lamp

    so its a DIY fix. Cost supply only 112 pounds. supply and fit in Spain where I am at the moment 162 euros but if it is possible will do it myself. Do you have piks. cheers TC
  9. front fog lamp

    Hi Thanks its the lamp assembly I need to change, lorry had a blow out in front of me and smashed the glass.
  10. front fog lamp

    hi Has anyone changed the right hand front fog light the glass on mine is smashed. How much is the lamp?. TC
  11. Damged

    Nothing will protect my alloys when my mrs is using the car, what's the cost.?
  12. Damged

    Can 19 inch wheels be refurbished mine has kerb scufs
  13. Advice please on how to proceed, my Kadjer went into my local Renault dealer in Leicester on Thursday for a coolant pipe recall and two front tyres,the car was collected from my house by the dealer. On returning the vehicle I pointed out to the driver that the front passenger door had a large chip on it , he said on his return he would inform them. I phoned the dealer to make them aware what I had found. The next day I phoned the service manager who dismissed it out of hand that they could have caused the damage, informing me the ramps were fully protected he went on to say if anyone damages a car they own up to it, I am going over Tuesday for him to have a look. What are my rights,I consider the damage was done by them possibly when they opened the door when it was on the ramp. If I send them a letter does it need to be posted or can I email them and what form of words should I use. After having the tyres changed the tyre pressure monitoring is not working even after 20 miles is this correct? Thanks
  14. Paint touch up

    When i first bought my kadjar in october 15 the first thing i did was ask renault this question, the reply i got was renault will not be making touch up paint available in the uk, my car is blue, when i go back to spain i will ask the dealer in mazzaron if he can get some paint.
  15. When driving on the left in a lefthand drive vehicle (or vice versa), you must adjust your lights temporarily during your stay. Temporary adjustment for vehicles fitted with halogen headlights Open the bonnet and identify the marking B next to one of the front headlight projectors. For each headlight, using a screwdriver, turn the screw 1 by a quarter turn towards the - symbol to lower the beams. Return to the starting point once your trip is over: turn the screw 1 by a quarter turn towards the + symbol to raise the beams. I didn't think this was possible if you have Std Headlamps. This is copied and pasted from the Kadjar manual on line, confused I am.