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  1. So the car has been back 3 times now with no resolution. They are getting in "Renault Technical experts" in 3 weeks time to sort it out! So we are without the car using a crappy service vehicle with not much faith in what's going on. We have had to cancel our holiday to France and are getting pretty sick of Renault by now.
  2. Thanks, I'll mention that at the garage. cheers.
  3. We have had "total engine failure" warning several times now. Been to the garage and they can "see" the error in the log but no solution yet. Third time today and needs to go back again. usuallŷ it clears when you turn everything off and restart.
  4. Planning a road trip in my new kadjar

    Picked ours up and did 3000 miles in France. Burnt about half litre of oil in that trip (all high speed)! Keep your tank topped up, garages can be few and far between in the highlands and some still close on a Sunday.
  5. Kadjar recalls.

    Can anyone explain the recall procedure? who is responsible etc. We just had an air bag recall from the dealer and while we were there they then said there were another 2 recalls! (bit of a pain as we had to re-book for those 2). But if there are more then by don't we get told? Is recall just luck or will you get notified? Love the car, hate the dealer. Cheers
  6. Passenger footwell soaked

    Just been informed its a recall issue now!
  7. Towbar or not towbar

    We had a Brink fitted for about half the price of the factory model. Just towed a trailer around France for 2000 miles, no problem.
  8. Interior Clean

    A damp cloth for me.
  9. Real world mpg

    Just done 2000 miles in France towing a trailer and very loaded. High speeds on the autoroutes and crawling around towns etc so not any real economy driving anywhere. 1.6 diesel did 51 mpg. Not bad I thought under the circumstances.
  10. Disabling Alarm

    Press the key fob lock button and hold it down solid. The alarm will sound 3 times. Let go and voila.
  11. niggles

    It took me a few weeks to realize there were 2 buttons under the tailgate! What a Muppet.
  12. Passenger footwell soaked

    Leak update. Used air con a bit now and after reseating the drain tube, all seems well.
  13. Passenger footwell soaked

    Quick update. The air con outlet tube has a lug on it. The rubber drain tube has a big slot in it to go over the lug. Very loose and poor design. Hard to reach but pulled off and reseated. Fingers crossed. Will update when air con has big useage.
  14. Passenger footwell soaked

    Thanks, my guess too. Try and take a look.
  15. Passenger footwell soaked

    Thanks, my guess too. Try and take a look.